Reflecting back on 2015

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There's so much to look back on and thank God for during this year. There's been a lot good and a lot of bad but each milestone has been a stepping stone into the future that God had predestined for me.

The beginning of this year was very interesting. I started off the year finding out I was pregnant to then being told that I wasn't, and then a couple months later, having emergency surgery for the removal of an ectopic pregnancy. During the summer months I went through the process of healing, both emotionally and physically. While I suffered emotionally and physically for something that I had always wanted, God was working in my body. October came and I found once again that I was pregnant. This time around God gave me the opportunity to carry a healthy pregnancy and I now find myself in my second trimester.

Bump Update: Due date change!

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Good morning my lovelies!

Since the last time I gave you all an update on my pregnancy, I have had a lot of check ups with the OB. Nothing severe, just needed.

On October 22nd I went into the emergency room, for personal reasons, where they did an ultrasound. Turned out the baby was measuring two weeks smaller than what we thought. They determined I was 5 weeks then. Then last week I had another ultrasound at my OB's office and there they confirmed that I was now 7 weeks pregnant. My husband and I were able to listen to baby's heartbeat and we were beyond happy and excited to know that everything was going perfectly fine. That's to show that when God promises you something, He follows through with His promise.

Our new due date is June 20, 2016.
I want time to speed up already. I want to have baby in my arms!

Xo, Cynthia Cano 

∆ How far along? 7 weeks 
∆ Size? Blueberry
∆ Cravings? Pizza and spicy foods
∆ Maternity Clothes? Yes. Between my mother and my aunt they took to me to Burlington Coat Factory and helped me get some maternity pants and some baby bump shirts.
∆ Stretch Marks? None yet. I'm using a cocoa butter stretch mark cream. It's working wonders!
∆ Sleep? It's gotten a little better. I think all I needed was to get used to the belly.
∆ Best moment of the week? Daddy kissing the belly every morning.
∆ Mood Swings? No comment? Lol yes. Horrible mood swings! Lord forgive me.
∆ This weeks purchase? Baby wipes. I got a pack of 3 for only $4 at Walmart. 
∆ Looking forward to? First ultrasound. I'm so anxious! 

Cynthia Cano

Club 31: Pajama party!

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This weekend was great. We met at Mel's house for book club and enjoyed it more than what we thought we would. It was sort of like a pajama party with coffee and donuts (delish!).

 The things we discussed this week were profound. ATTITUDE. That was the main topic of the day. Attitude goes a long way in life; in a lot of ways, it determines how far you get in life, socially, and spiritually. I personally, can say that I learned a lot and was truly ministered by everything each person said.

Just 3 months shy of my surgery (for the removal of my baby and fallopian tube), I tested again and got my BFP. Ain't it exciting? Imagine how we feel.

Today, I am 6 weeks pregnant, with a due date of June 6, 2016 (a day before my 24th birthday), and couldn't be happier — really though. Many know my story and many don't, so let me take a brief moment and sum everything up..

In April, I found out I was pregnant but a week later I started bleeding. Turned out that supposedly, it was a false positive then I had a miscarriage. In June, I started getting a lot of abdominal pain and was rushed to the hospital. They found that I was 3-4 months pregnant with an EP (ectopic pregnancy). I went in for surgery on June 25th for the removal of my baby and my right fallopian tube. Although emotionally painful, we made it through. Prior to everything happening, God gave us a word through Johanny Barreto in regards to how we were going to parent our kids and to not worry for anything because a God had everything under control.

In July, Prophet Sergio Garcia came to our church. I stood in the first row as an usher of the church when he called me to go to him. He said that as I stood there, he saw when a ball of fire came down from heaven and into my womb and began to restore it.

In September, Dr. Maggie Rodriguez came to preach. Before service, she passed by me twice with a huge smile on her face. When she took to the altar to begin ministering, she called me out as I walked out of the temple and told me to go to the front. There she told me that when she passed me, God told her I was ready; and it didn't matter what doctors said or what the people said, because my womb was ready.        

We are now seeing the result of those promises from God!

How far along?  6 weeks
∆ Size? A grain of rice
∆ Total weight gain? None yet.
∆ Cravings? Hot fries!
∆ Maternity Clothes? Not yet but soon. I already can't button up my jeans! 
∆ Stretch marks? No new ones. Just the old ones from the first pregnancy
∆ Sleep? Sleeping like normal. I usually take a nap in the morning between 9-10A
∆ Best moment of the week? Seeing my BFP (big fat positive) and getting it confirmed at the clinic
∆ Movements? None yet
∆ Mood Swings? Kinda sorta. Not too bad
∆ Looking forward to? First ultrasound
∆ Baby's first gift? Clothes (gender neutral — well just one piece) from maternal grandmother 

Xo, Mommy2B
Cynthia Cano 

Mommy is ready for you.

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Today I woke up twice in the middle of the night, ready to vomit, and I know it had to be some kind of sign from God. As soon as I made it to the bathroom, I spit up a bunch of saliva. I made Daddy run to Walmart to get me a pregnancy test but it came out negative.

Pastor Maggie Rodriguez preached today. I was walking out if the temple to bring Joel (your god brother) to the nursery when she called me to the front. She told me that when she passed by me before service had started, God told her that I was ready and that my womb was prepared. Little did she know that two months prior, Prophet Sergio Garcia told me that a ball of fire came down from heaven, went into my stomach and to my womb to restore it. My womb was ready.... Not only for one of you...

Club 31 : Starbucks set the tone

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After much thought and much debate, God finally shoved me out of my comfort zone and provoked me to begin the book club that I have desired for many years.

Today, Club 31 had its first meeting! It was a success. We met at our local Starbucks, had some A-mazing lattes, coffees, and banana bread, read the forward and prologue to get a feel of what we are getting into. We are excited for this new journey and know that God will minister to each and everyone of us.


What does the bible say about being single? And how are we to understand this unique design by God for some of us? We are aware that God has designed the relationship of marriage to be the most common expression of human life in an intimate, social way. The bible says "But if they can’t control themselves, they should go ahead and marry. It’s better to marry than to burn with lust." (1 Corinthians 7:9 NLT) This was said by Paul the apostle which implies that we can be single if we want to be BUT if we are going to fall in sin, we should do the right thing by getting married.

            I want to share an experience of mine with you but before I get to it, I will introduce myself. My name is Melina and I am 24 years old. I grew up in a happy household where my family and I attended church regularly. I don't know what life is outside of Christ and I don't want to. Since my father gave his life to Christ, he gained so much knowledge and wisdom over the years, something that probably would not have been possible if he didn't turn his life around. I am grateful for that knowledge. He raised three daughters which I know was difficult especially in our teenage years. My sisters and I have had endless advice from both of my parents but the most advice we received from our dad was about boys and relationships.

Religion — The root of destruction.

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"If standing in a garage doesn't make you a car, then sitting in a church doesn't make you holy".

I know we have all heard that quote, or something similar, at least once or twice. The question is, can we really apply it to our lives? The other night, as I prayed. I begged God and the Holy Spirit to minister to me to in some type of way. I was expecting to actually hear His voice but He spoke to me differently. When I opened up my Bible, I opened up to the book of Isaiah and began reading...

" Your land is ruined; your cities have burned with fire, while you watch, your enemies are stealing everything from your land, it is ruined like a country destroyed by enemies." — Isaiah 1:7

"The Lord says, 'I do not want all these sacrifices. I have had enough of your burnt sacrifices of male sheep and fat from fine animals. I am not pleased by the blood of bulls, lambs, and goats." — Isaiah 1:11

Author: Josselyn Aguirre Himely

Hello everyone,

Today I will be talking about how my life was before I gave my life to Jesus.

I've been going to church since I was little and old enough to remember going. My mom was the one who made sure we went to church .We had to walk quite a bit to get to church but that was not a problem for her. The Bible says "Train a child in the way he should go,and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6"

An uncomfortable Praise

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I recently learned that when God wants to grow you, He makes you feel uncomfortable.

He takes you through the unthinkable so that what you once thought was unmanageable, you can now do, because what was once an "un" is now an "is" because He is able to do it through you.

He takes you through the desert so that when time passes, you can later on reflect and say, "some time ago, I was weak but He made me strong. I was weak but His glory was perfected in my weakness".

Because it is not your strength that makes you strong. If you depended on your strength alone, everything would go wrong.

Your pain is transitional

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I opened up my 365 day Bible plan after having a bad case of writers block, and that's when God gave me the deepest revelation.

Your pain is transitional.

In these exact words, I could feel the Spirit of God ministering to my heart...

"Abandonment, sorrow, struggle, and pain - all these are transitory. Wholeness, healing, joy and peace are permanent, for they are part of the very nature of God. That is what sustains the believer through difficult times."

Author: Brittany Himely

Being a mother and a wife is difficult. But being a mother and wife in a home that serves God can surprisingly be even harder at times. Not only do I have to make sure that my home is taken care of but when someone in my household is down and out I have to make sure that they know they can turn to God for whatever they may need, I have to pray on a daily basis that they are okay. Today I will talk about two examples of when this was the strongest in my life, one example of when my husband needed my support and one when my daughter did.

I will worship and praise You

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My circumstance will not determine my worship. 
God is God with or without me. 
But I want to be a part of Him. 

So I will worship,
And I will praise Him. 
Because of who He is,
And because He allowed me to make it. 
My soul cries out to you, oh God. 
And the lips of my face 
Smile at the thought
Of the greatness that you are. 
You are wonderful and Indescribable. 
I will lift up your name
And I will tell of your goodness
With no shame in my heart. 
For you cared for me
When I was weak 
And you made me strong. 

© Cynthia Enid Del Toro Cano
 Author: Jaribette Torres 

As a senior in high school, I know everything about my school. I know all the teachers, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. And of course they know me as well, but not how you may think. My freshmen year, i thought i had to make a mark. I was known as the girl with an attitude. I refused to allow people to step all over me. i was not going to permit anyone to talk to me as if I was still a child. The saddest thing was that I was a Christian and hiding. Why? Because I wanted to be well known by everybody . I wanted to be what is called "popular." I did not intentionally mean to hide it, I was just focused more on being cool and notorious. I didn't think that if I was to put my beliefs out there or the REAL ME , i would be favored. However,the real me was desperate to come out. But I began not to care . I learned how to stop caring sophomore and junior year. I became well liked by certain people who had a horrible influence on me.

When God makes you wait

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How many of you have gone through your very own share of waiting processes? I know I've had plenty. But in my share processes, I have learned that my attitude towards that particular process is what will determine God 's next move. Why does my attitude determine God's next move? Because our processes are made to grow us. If we are not growing in our process then God cannot and will not promote us to the next level.

God is working in my favor.

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Last Tuesday, 6/23, was a scary day for me. I woke up that day feeling fine. I went to work feeling fine. At the end of of nine hour shift, I still felt fine. It wasn't until I was making my way to the car that I began to feel an excruciating pain all around my belly. I started sweating profusely and felt like I was going to start vomiting. My mom rushed me to the nearest restaurant and once we arrived, I began loosing all of my strength. I was unable to walk by myself, but needed the help of my mom. Once in the restroom, I began vomiting. Thinking it was possibly my appendix, my mom called the ambulance to take me to the hospital.

After some blood work and urine tests, I received the last bit of news I thought I would receive...

I was pregnant.

God keeps His promises

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Blessings to all,

I was not going to write this week due to it being my birthday weekend ( happy birthday to me) but I wanted to share some awesome news with you all. Beside it being my birthday weekend, it was also a youth campaign weekend. God worked in such a profound way. He worked through many people and for His glory and honor, there were 10 people saved. Ten people in three days for something that was prayed for for six months. Gods timing is truly not our timing.

Take delight in helping others

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Good morning to all,

Today I felt the need to speak in regards to giving and helping those in need. I am not sure about many of you, but my heart has a weak spot for the homeless and people that are in need. I know that many of us struggle with giving money to people that are standing on the streets for fear that they will take that money and do something wrong with it, and I completely understand that, but why not give something else? 

A little over year ago, my husband and I went out for breakfast. During that date, he confessed to me that God put in his heart to begin helping those people that are less fortunate, and I also let him know that God had put the same desire in my heart. Since then, we have been able to not think twice about helping others because it has been something that we prayed about and something that God placed in our heart ( I do not write about this to glorify what we do, but to first to glorify God, and two to give a live example of what I am writing about ).

You were created to be VICTORIOUS

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Hello everyone!

This week I kind of hit a writers block again, until I came to a quote that impacted me right away from one of my favorite websites ever: Pinterest. It  was nothing deep, but a daily reminder to myself and hopefully, to those reading, that we are VICTORIOUS!

Come what may come...

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Good morning friends and family.

I just wanted to remind you today that when God has a plan for your life, there is nothing that will stop that plan.

In November, just about 2-3 weeks before we got married, my husband (at the time, my fiance) was involved in a really bad car accident, where he was hit on the rear passenger side of the car which pushed him into two other vehicles. The car was completely totaled but thankfully, my husband and his passenger were taken to the hospital and left with nothing but a few bruises. No broken bones, no nothing. As bad as the accident was, God's hand was over that vehicle and both people in it.

Your testimony is not yours to tell

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How many of you work a 9-5 job?
How many of you attend school, whether grade school or college?
Regardless if you work, go to school, or do neither and stay at home all day, you have a testimony to tell and protect.

Many people assume, and actually act on their assumption, that living for God only involves showing up to church 2-3 times, reading the Bible here and there, and praying whenever something is going wrong. But living for God goes so much farther than just that.

Yes I can.

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Philippians 4:13 

"I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

When I feel like I cannot continue my walk in Christ, actually, I can.
When I feel like I cannot be different, actually, I can.
When I feel like I can't succeed, actually, I can.
When I feel like I can't stand in front of the church to minister, actually, I can.
When I feel like I can't reach my goals, actually, I can.
When I feel like I can't be obedient to the voice and will of God, actually, I can.
When I feel like I can't, actually, I can do ALL things through Christ.

I can because He is.

Happy week to everyone,
Cynthia Enid Cano 

Faithful in your process

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I’ve gone through many things in my life that I can honestly say have taught me how to stay faithful to God despite what I was going through. Just recently, I went through a very tough situation where I was hurt deeply. I felt as though I was alone even though I had my husband and my family by my side. I felt as if the Lord did not want to bless me the same way He was willing to bless others. At the moment, I wont lie to you, I felt a little angry at God because I felt as though He was taking away my blessing, but as I made my way home that night, I remember the words He had spoken to me just a couple months prior,
I know all your dreams and desires, all you have to do is seek me.

A different kind of love

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Before meeting and marrying my husband this past December, I struggled for a long time with understanding what love was. I figured that in order to be loved, you had to meet a certain physical standard, a certain personality standard, and a certain spiritual standard. I never once understaood what love really meant. But after going through many tough situations in my life, I can finally understand what it is and what it is not.


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It seems to me that it was just recent
that my life starting becoming decent
as I embarked on a journey that was different
a journey in which I finally decided to listen
to the voice of reason, the voice of Jesus.
As God formed my ministry
I wondered why He chose me
I couldn't understand why He chose me
Why me? What did He see?
But evening in my questioning, God began to deliver
It was Him that I was seeking to please.

Iron sharpens iron

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A couple years ago, I met some new friends who weren't such good friends. To me, it was no difference but I knew it was taking a toll on my spiritual life. One night I had a dream where this beautiful, young lady was walking next to me. In that dream, there were voices telling me to get away from her because she was no good, but I paid no mind. At a certain point in the dream, this lady turned into an ugly creature and ran towards to me, ready to attack. I was fearful at first but these voices ordered me to yell the name of Jesus. I did. But with fear in my voice. Because I was declaring the name of Jesus with fear, the creature still came towards me to attack. It was not until I was able to declare the name of Jesus when all of a sudden, it looked like it was just pulled away from me and she disappeared. 

Call to him and he will answer

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"But I prayed and nothing happened. I prayed but God didn't answer." 
I've heard this time and time again, and at times, have even felt this myself. Patience is something that many of us tend to lack. Having to wait on God to answer you isn't something you like to do. I know, believe me. 
When I reconciled with Christ in 2011, I did everything possible to be in deep communion with Him at all times. I did great for the firts couple of months, but then came a time where I felt distant from Him. I prayed, but not like before. I questioned myself and sometimes even God, asking where did the passion go. I began getting confused with certain things going on in my surroundings but I tried my best to stay faithful to God and to prayer.
One night, I had a dream where I was just in front of a white cloud. But through the white cloud, I heard a voice; it was a strong, authoritive voice, yet delicate and soft, one like no other. In that dream, God spoke to me loud and clear, to use my knees as a weapon. At first, I couldn't quite capture the reason behind this but as the days went by, I realized that God wanted to prepare me for some not so good events that I was going to face.  I held onto what God told me that night and even though I was filled with pain through my circumstance, I was able to pray through everything I was going through. 

The unexpected response

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There was a time where I became very rebellious and full of hate in my walk with Christ. I felt rejected and disliked. I felt unhelpful and confused. I questioned God and His motives, His plans, His decisions for my life and questioned the people that I had around me. I thought I was right. I thought I was being the perfect Child of God and I wasn't.
I attended a prayer session at sisters house with a couple more people of our church. I prayed the same repeated prayer as always and again, I questioned God. That day, God spoke to me in a form I never thought He would speak to me. Him and I had an actual conversation but the conversation translated into poetry. After our poetic conversation, I got up, asked my mother for a piece of paper and a pen and just began writing everything that was said. The conversation was in Spanish and pretty lengthy, but I want to share just a part of it with you today (for those that can read Spanish).

Blossom where you are planted

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When God plants you in a certain place, He doesn't plant you there for just pleasure. He plants you there because that is where you are to grow into the person He created you to be. Criticism will come. Hurt will come. But if Jesus was able to endure the criticism and the hurt while He walked this earth, then you can too. Don't doubt God's plan. Believe that what He has for you is bigger than what you can even imagine and allow yourself to grow into that perfect plan.

The chains were broken

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Eight years ago my parents decided to relocate our family from Connecticut to Florida. Being born and raised in Connecticut, that was all I knew and I was terrified of changing my life around but I was only fifteen years old and knew I couldn't make my own decision to stay. When we moved, we couldn't find a church where we could permanently congregate in and it took a toll on my family's spiritual life, especially my own. I began to rebel against my family, our house rules, and even our morals. I acted out in such a way that my parents were beyond disappointed at me. I started talking a way that I never used to talk. I started dressing a way that mi would have never dressed. And I began hanging around the wrong crowd. I was not me anymore. I let the world come into my life and I couldn't find a way out. 

Celebrating womanhood

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This past weekend the women of my church went out for a nice breakfast at Golden Corral to celebrate International Women's Day. We had a really nice time together eating, talking, and playing some games to get to know each other better. Here are some of the pics!

The power of prayer

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Happy hump day!
Today I was featured in my church's blog, as I will be every Wednesday. I invite you to follow us as Monday through Thursday, every week. Here is my post for the day. Enjoy!

Eternal Forgiveness

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I think that forgiveness is one of the hardest and most complex actions that an individual can react on. I mean, why forgive when someone hurt you? Why forgive if you didn't do anything? 
I am pretty sure that some time in our lives we have all gone through a situation where although we were the ones hurt, we were the ones who had to make the decision to let it go. That is all forgiving is; letting go of something hurts you. Sometimes, we unintentionally hold on to anger and hurt and make our lives miserable by choosing not to let it go. I just recently went through my little trial, but thank God it's over and done with. 

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