Blossom where you are planted

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When God plants you in a certain place, He doesn't plant you there for just pleasure. He plants you there because that is where you are to grow into the person He created you to be. Criticism will come. Hurt will come. But if Jesus was able to endure the criticism and the hurt while He walked this earth, then you can too. Don't doubt God's plan. Believe that what He has for you is bigger than what you can even imagine and allow yourself to grow into that perfect plan.

The chains were broken

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Eight years ago my parents decided to relocate our family from Connecticut to Florida. Being born and raised in Connecticut, that was all I knew and I was terrified of changing my life around but I was only fifteen years old and knew I couldn't make my own decision to stay. When we moved, we couldn't find a church where we could permanently congregate in and it took a toll on my family's spiritual life, especially my own. I began to rebel against my family, our house rules, and even our morals. I acted out in such a way that my parents were beyond disappointed at me. I started talking a way that I never used to talk. I started dressing a way that mi would have never dressed. And I began hanging around the wrong crowd. I was not me anymore. I let the world come into my life and I couldn't find a way out. 

Celebrating womanhood

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This past weekend the women of my church went out for a nice breakfast at Golden Corral to celebrate International Women's Day. We had a really nice time together eating, talking, and playing some games to get to know each other better. Here are some of the pics!

The power of prayer

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Happy hump day!
Today I was featured in my church's blog, as I will be every Wednesday. I invite you to follow us as Monday through Thursday, every week. Here is my post for the day. Enjoy!

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