The power of prayer

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Happy hump day!
Today I was featured in my church's blog, as I will be every Wednesday. I invite you to follow us as Monday through Thursday, every week. Here is my post for the day. Enjoy!

All throughout life I have learned that speaking to God is not only important for my personal and spiritual life but that God truly answers prayers. Growing up, I always felt as though I would be speaking to myself when I kneeled down to pray. I would “talk” to God but never truly “felt” that my prayers were answered. I guess part of me feeling that way was the fact that sometimes, the response I got back was a No or a Maybe.  You see, something I have learned is that God will always respond to you but it won't always be the answer you want to here. Why? Because God not only knows your present but your future. He not only knows what is best for you now, but what is best for you in the future.
This week, I experienced the power of prayer to its fullest. The Bible says,
“For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20
I received a text message from my father in Connecticut this weekend, letting me know that my aunt was admitted to the hospital because of sharp stomach pains. She was put into surgery twice, one for a gallbladder removal and the second was because there were complications with her liver after the first surgery, and she began having trouble breathing. Naturally, I couldn't contain my tears and worries. I was frustrated and angry with myself because I lived so far away and couldn't be there for my dad as emotional support or to even be able pray for my aunt.
The following day, my step mother texted me to give me updates on my aunts health. Doctors were still a little worried and she was still in Intensive Care. After hearing the news, my husband and I decided to test what the Bible says in Matthew 18:20, and we started a prayer chain to intercede for my aunt and my family. I posted a message on Facebook to all my friends and family to get this chain started and the support we received was beyond what we thought we would get.
Eight o’clock came around and our prayer chain began. We could feel the presence of God so strongly in our living room and I began to cry. Although I was worried still, I believed that God was going to do whatever was in His will. To my surprise, (not so much a surprise because I had faith in God) my aunt is now doing a lot better and will be taken out of ICU. She is eating only liquids right now, but the progress that was made overnight is all due to the Lord Almighty.
The Lord God tells us in His Word:
“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know .” Jeremiah 3:33
I am a witness to this promise God has made to the world and I encourage you, never lose your faith. It's difficult sometimes to wait and be patient for God’s answers to our prayers, but the wait will never be in vain. I invite you to join me in getting to know the power that prayer has. I promise that you will be more than satisfied with what God will do in your life.
Blessings to all,
Cynthia Enid Cano

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