Faithful in your process

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I’ve gone through many things in my life that I can honestly say have taught me how to stay faithful to God despite what I was going through. Just recently, I went through a very tough situation where I was hurt deeply. I felt as though I was alone even though I had my husband and my family by my side. I felt as if the Lord did not want to bless me the same way He was willing to bless others. At the moment, I wont lie to you, I felt a little angry at God because I felt as though He was taking away my blessing, but as I made my way home that night, I remember the words He had spoken to me just a couple months prior,
I know all your dreams and desires, all you have to do is seek me.

A different kind of love

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Before meeting and marrying my husband this past December, I struggled for a long time with understanding what love was. I figured that in order to be loved, you had to meet a certain physical standard, a certain personality standard, and a certain spiritual standard. I never once understaood what love really meant. But after going through many tough situations in my life, I can finally understand what it is and what it is not.


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It seems to me that it was just recent
that my life starting becoming decent
as I embarked on a journey that was different
a journey in which I finally decided to listen
to the voice of reason, the voice of Jesus.
As God formed my ministry
I wondered why He chose me
I couldn't understand why He chose me
Why me? What did He see?
But evening in my questioning, God began to deliver
It was Him that I was seeking to please.

Iron sharpens iron

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A couple years ago, I met some new friends who weren't such good friends. To me, it was no difference but I knew it was taking a toll on my spiritual life. One night I had a dream where this beautiful, young lady was walking next to me. In that dream, there were voices telling me to get away from her because she was no good, but I paid no mind. At a certain point in the dream, this lady turned into an ugly creature and ran towards to me, ready to attack. I was fearful at first but these voices ordered me to yell the name of Jesus. I did. But with fear in my voice. Because I was declaring the name of Jesus with fear, the creature still came towards me to attack. It was not until I was able to declare the name of Jesus when all of a sudden, it looked like it was just pulled away from me and she disappeared. 

Call to him and he will answer

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"But I prayed and nothing happened. I prayed but God didn't answer." 
I've heard this time and time again, and at times, have even felt this myself. Patience is something that many of us tend to lack. Having to wait on God to answer you isn't something you like to do. I know, believe me. 
When I reconciled with Christ in 2011, I did everything possible to be in deep communion with Him at all times. I did great for the firts couple of months, but then came a time where I felt distant from Him. I prayed, but not like before. I questioned myself and sometimes even God, asking where did the passion go. I began getting confused with certain things going on in my surroundings but I tried my best to stay faithful to God and to prayer.
One night, I had a dream where I was just in front of a white cloud. But through the white cloud, I heard a voice; it was a strong, authoritive voice, yet delicate and soft, one like no other. In that dream, God spoke to me loud and clear, to use my knees as a weapon. At first, I couldn't quite capture the reason behind this but as the days went by, I realized that God wanted to prepare me for some not so good events that I was going to face.  I held onto what God told me that night and even though I was filled with pain through my circumstance, I was able to pray through everything I was going through. 

The unexpected response

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There was a time where I became very rebellious and full of hate in my walk with Christ. I felt rejected and disliked. I felt unhelpful and confused. I questioned God and His motives, His plans, His decisions for my life and questioned the people that I had around me. I thought I was right. I thought I was being the perfect Child of God and I wasn't.
I attended a prayer session at sisters house with a couple more people of our church. I prayed the same repeated prayer as always and again, I questioned God. That day, God spoke to me in a form I never thought He would speak to me. Him and I had an actual conversation but the conversation translated into poetry. After our poetic conversation, I got up, asked my mother for a piece of paper and a pen and just began writing everything that was said. The conversation was in Spanish and pretty lengthy, but I want to share just a part of it with you today (for those that can read Spanish).

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