Iron sharpens iron

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A couple years ago, I met some new friends who weren't such good friends. To me, it was no difference but I knew it was taking a toll on my spiritual life. One night I had a dream where this beautiful, young lady was walking next to me. In that dream, there were voices telling me to get away from her because she was no good, but I paid no mind. At a certain point in the dream, this lady turned into an ugly creature and ran towards to me, ready to attack. I was fearful at first but these voices ordered me to yell the name of Jesus. I did. But with fear in my voice. Because I was declaring the name of Jesus with fear, the creature still came towards me to attack. It was not until I was able to declare the name of Jesus when all of a sudden, it looked like it was just pulled away from me and she disappeared. 

Sometimes we connect and become friends with people who will slowly drag us away from the will of God. It's important to know how to discern those people. When you seak God to the fullest, he will reveal those people to you. In my case, God was already warning but I didn't want to listen to Him and remove those individuals from my life. It took a spiritual fall for me to finally listen to Gods instructions. 
My point is, don't wait until you fall to remove negative people from your life. If you want to live a healthy, positive life in Christ, you have to identify what is causing you to stay behind and remove it. The Bible says
"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17
"He would walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm." Proverbs 13:20
God puts certain people in our lives so we can learn from them and grow. He wants you to be surrounded by the right people, Not people who take you away from His purpose in you. I encourage you today, to find one person who you see as a positive person and learn from them in the next week. You will see how your life can slowly begin to change. 
Remember, God wants more from you, from all of us. And hanging around the wrong group of friends will not help you accomplish what God wants you to accomplish. I turned my life around when I was able to reflect on what was holding me back from accelerating spiritually and remove it from my life. I pray that the Great and Mighty Lord may help you discern which friendships are to help you grow and which friendships need to go.
Cynthia Enid Cano
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