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It seems to me that it was just recent
that my life starting becoming decent
as I embarked on a journey that was different
a journey in which I finally decided to listen
to the voice of reason, the voice of Jesus.
As God formed my ministry
I wondered why He chose me
I couldn't understand why He chose me
Why me? What did He see?
But evening in my questioning, God began to deliver
It was Him that I was seeking to please.

I changed my heart, my mind, my speech and sight
to loving, giving , teaching and preaching
always trying to do what was right
serving Him became such a delight.
I don't question His motives
because I know He chose me with a purpose
and though some may say I am young in age
it is by faith that I am sustained.
© Copyright 2015 - Cynthia Enid Cano

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