God keeps His promises

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Blessings to all,

I was not going to write this week due to it being my birthday weekend ( happy birthday to me) but I wanted to share some awesome news with you all. Beside it being my birthday weekend, it was also a youth campaign weekend. God worked in such a profound way. He worked through many people and for His glory and honor, there were 10 people saved. Ten people in three days for something that was prayed for for six months. Gods timing is truly not our timing.

Take delight in helping others

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Good morning to all,

Today I felt the need to speak in regards to giving and helping those in need. I am not sure about many of you, but my heart has a weak spot for the homeless and people that are in need. I know that many of us struggle with giving money to people that are standing on the streets for fear that they will take that money and do something wrong with it, and I completely understand that, but why not give something else? 

A little over year ago, my husband and I went out for breakfast. During that date, he confessed to me that God put in his heart to begin helping those people that are less fortunate, and I also let him know that God had put the same desire in my heart. Since then, we have been able to not think twice about helping others because it has been something that we prayed about and something that God placed in our heart ( I do not write about this to glorify what we do, but to first to glorify God, and two to give a live example of what I am writing about ).

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