God keeps His promises

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Blessings to all,

I was not going to write this week due to it being my birthday weekend ( happy birthday to me) but I wanted to share some awesome news with you all. Beside it being my birthday weekend, it was also a youth campaign weekend. God worked in such a profound way. He worked through many people and for His glory and honor, there were 10 people saved. Ten people in three days for something that was prayed for for six months. Gods timing is truly not our timing.

The last day of the campaign was the day that I finally decided to go up for prayer. The preacher and prophet of the Lord began speaking to me about my poetry. About how my poetry has always been my passion but I have mostly written in times of pain. She even spoke of a book that I have. When she said that it wads direct confirmation from God. About a year or two ago, I brgan having this urge to start a book of poems. My husband encouraged me all the way. I started looking up different publishers and found one who I was able to speak to and get some information from. I was excited for a while but became a little discouraged because of the money I would be investing into that project not knowing if it was from God or not. But Sunday evening God confirmed that I already have my book.

Starting ASAP, my husband and myself will begin working on this project again. I am greatly thankful to God for reminding me of things that He did this past weekend and for confirming a lot of things for me and my husband. Now we can continue in our path and in what God has for us. Like my husband told me today,

"Ministry does not follow money; money follows ministry."
Therefore, we need not worry about how we are going to do this financially, but we are standing firm in our faith, knowing that God will provide everything. Like the prophet Maggie Riodriguez once said,

"If it's God's will, it's His bill."
Have a powerful day,

Cynthia E Cano
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