God is working in my favor.

in , , by Cynthia Cano, 9:00 AM
Last Tuesday, 6/23, was a scary day for me. I woke up that day feeling fine. I went to work feeling fine. At the end of of nine hour shift, I still felt fine. It wasn't until I was making my way to the car that I began to feel an excruciating pain all around my belly. I started sweating profusely and felt like I was going to start vomiting. My mom rushed me to the nearest restaurant and once we arrived, I began loosing all of my strength. I was unable to walk by myself, but needed the help of my mom. Once in the restroom, I began vomiting. Thinking it was possibly my appendix, my mom called the ambulance to take me to the hospital.

After some blood work and urine tests, I received the last bit of news I thought I would receive...

I was pregnant.