Your pain is transitional

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I opened up my 365 day Bible plan after having a bad case of writers block, and that's when God gave me the deepest revelation.

Your pain is transitional.

In these exact words, I could feel the Spirit of God ministering to my heart...

"Abandonment, sorrow, struggle, and pain - all these are transitory. Wholeness, healing, joy and peace are permanent, for they are part of the very nature of God. That is what sustains the believer through difficult times."

Author: Brittany Himely

Being a mother and a wife is difficult. But being a mother and wife in a home that serves God can surprisingly be even harder at times. Not only do I have to make sure that my home is taken care of but when someone in my household is down and out I have to make sure that they know they can turn to God for whatever they may need, I have to pray on a daily basis that they are okay. Today I will talk about two examples of when this was the strongest in my life, one example of when my husband needed my support and one when my daughter did.

I will worship and praise You

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My circumstance will not determine my worship. 
God is God with or without me. 
But I want to be a part of Him. 

So I will worship,
And I will praise Him. 
Because of who He is,
And because He allowed me to make it. 
My soul cries out to you, oh God. 
And the lips of my face 
Smile at the thought
Of the greatness that you are. 
You are wonderful and Indescribable. 
I will lift up your name
And I will tell of your goodness
With no shame in my heart. 
For you cared for me
When I was weak 
And you made me strong. 

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 Author: Jaribette Torres 

As a senior in high school, I know everything about my school. I know all the teachers, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. And of course they know me as well, but not how you may think. My freshmen year, i thought i had to make a mark. I was known as the girl with an attitude. I refused to allow people to step all over me. i was not going to permit anyone to talk to me as if I was still a child. The saddest thing was that I was a Christian and hiding. Why? Because I wanted to be well known by everybody . I wanted to be what is called "popular." I did not intentionally mean to hide it, I was just focused more on being cool and notorious. I didn't think that if I was to put my beliefs out there or the REAL ME , i would be favored. However,the real me was desperate to come out. But I began not to care . I learned how to stop caring sophomore and junior year. I became well liked by certain people who had a horrible influence on me.

When God makes you wait

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How many of you have gone through your very own share of waiting processes? I know I've had plenty. But in my share processes, I have learned that my attitude towards that particular process is what will determine God 's next move. Why does my attitude determine God's next move? Because our processes are made to grow us. If we are not growing in our process then God cannot and will not promote us to the next level.

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