I will worship and praise You

in , by Cynthia Cano, 10:52 AM
My circumstance will not determine my worship. 
God is God with or without me. 
But I want to be a part of Him. 

So I will worship,
And I will praise Him. 
Because of who He is,
And because He allowed me to make it. 
My soul cries out to you, oh God. 
And the lips of my face 
Smile at the thought
Of the greatness that you are. 
You are wonderful and Indescribable. 
I will lift up your name
And I will tell of your goodness
With no shame in my heart. 
For you cared for me
When I was weak 
And you made me strong. 

© Cynthia Enid Del Toro Cano
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