Author: Jaribette Torres 

As a senior in high school, I know everything about my school. I know all the teachers, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. And of course they know me as well, but not how you may think. My freshmen year, i thought i had to make a mark. I was known as the girl with an attitude. I refused to allow people to step all over me. i was not going to permit anyone to talk to me as if I was still a child. The saddest thing was that I was a Christian and hiding. Why? Because I wanted to be well known by everybody . I wanted to be what is called "popular." I did not intentionally mean to hide it, I was just focused more on being cool and notorious. I didn't think that if I was to put my beliefs out there or the REAL ME , i would be favored. However,the real me was desperate to come out. But I began not to care . I learned how to stop caring sophomore and junior year. I became well liked by certain people who had a horrible influence on me.

Now I believe that yes I am a strong child of God and that I can overcome anything. But in reality, I am human. Especially during that time , I was not paying attention to overcoming the influence but to be apart of it . As my junior year was going by, it became a little more difficult due that. I was always surrounded with people. ALWAYS. In almost every class i was with two or three people that i knew. Which is not all the time a good thing. I kept loosing my focus on worshiping God throughout the day or living my testimony per-say. Instead, I was in the influence. But because of Gods beautiful mercy! I was able to recognize that and separate myself quickly. Not only was I not doing the correct things, I was also changing my character; my personality. That is why I strongly believe the following saying ;  Bad company corrupts good character.  The closer i became with them, the worst and ugly I became. So i started desiring something new. More a like a new me, but i thought it was too late. Then  I came across these verses - Joel 2:12-13 which tells me that I was wrong ! It is never too late as long as i confess my sins to Christ. Repenting was the key. So i set that as my goal. To pray and fast for a change. That is exactly what I did especially in the summer .

At the end of the summer, God revealed to me that I am changing . I found that so amusing . The fact that  I am asking for something that is half way done . My first week of senior year was truly amazing. I was talking to the school secretary and the principal. As we were talking, they were looking at me weird. The secretary immediately stop and says ," Wow, you have changed!" Those words marked me completely. To know that somebody noticed it. They had no idea i was longing for a change. So I knew it was real. From there , i continued to be me. A daughter of king . Not ashamed . I actually get more respect now then what I ever had here. I have people who come to me for prayer, Godly advice, testimonies. Its a great feeling.

I encourage you to not let popularity, sin, or people get in the way of who are in God. It is not worth it. Do not reject him or hide him . Do not get embarrassed . Our father is nothing to be ashamed of . You relationship and salvation is way more important than anybody's opinion.  I learned that throughout my school year. Trust me. It not impossible. Just focus on God and let him guide you . Others will notice without you having to say nothing .

Let my experience help you not make the same mistake i did. Instead learn from it. 
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