Club 31 : Starbucks set the tone

in , by Cynthia Cano, 11:50 AM
After much thought and much debate, God finally shoved me out of my comfort zone and provoked me to begin the book club that I have desired for many years.

Today, Club 31 had its first meeting! It was a success. We met at our local Starbucks, had some A-mazing lattes, coffees, and banana bread, read the forward and prologue to get a feel of what we are getting into. We are excited for this new journey and know that God will minister to each and everyone of us.

 I began this group as a form to read together with some young wives, but little did I know that it was not going to only  be young wives, but young adults, mothers, and single women. Today we only have five girls, but in the future we will have more (its been declared, in the name of Jesus).

We are women dedicated to empowering each other to grow spiritually and find our true identity in Christ. This is Club 31.

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