Mommy is ready for you.

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Today I woke up twice in the middle of the night, ready to vomit, and I know it had to be some kind of sign from God. As soon as I made it to the bathroom, I spit up a bunch of saliva. I made Daddy run to Walmart to get me a pregnancy test but it came out negative.

Pastor Maggie Rodriguez preached today. I was walking out if the temple to bring Joel (your god brother) to the nursery when she called me to the front. She told me that when she passed by me before service had started, God told her that I was ready and that my womb was prepared. Little did she know that two months prior, Prophet Sergio Garcia told me that a ball of fire came down from heaven, went into my stomach and to my womb to restore it. My womb was ready.... Not only for one of you...

"Look at me. TWINS. Not one, but two", she said....

But for both of you.

I am so happy and so is your daddy. God told him that he was/is worthy of being your daddy. We are so excited to have both of you in our arms already. The funny thing (not really funny, but you get me) is the fact that just last week, I saw a quote that said: if God is making you wait, get prepared to receive more than what you asked for. When I saw that, I jokingly said to God, "I guess you're going to give me twins 'cause I'm still waiting for one, lol. Wow, wow, wow.

So hurry up and show us that you are in me. And be nice to mW when you are in there. I want to be as healthy as van be for you.

I love you so much already,

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