Religion — The root of destruction.

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"If standing in a garage doesn't make you a car, then sitting in a church doesn't make you holy".

I know we have all heard that quote, or something similar, at least once or twice. The question is, can we really apply it to our lives? The other night, as I prayed. I begged God and the Holy Spirit to minister to me to in some type of way. I was expecting to actually hear His voice but He spoke to me differently. When I opened up my Bible, I opened up to the book of Isaiah and began reading...

" Your land is ruined; your cities have burned with fire, while you watch, your enemies are stealing everything from your land, it is ruined like a country destroyed by enemies." — Isaiah 1:7

"The Lord says, 'I do not want all these sacrifices. I have had enough of your burnt sacrifices of male sheep and fat from fine animals. I am not pleased by the blood of bulls, lambs, and goats." — Isaiah 1:11

Upon reading, I was able to understand that God is tired of religion because it is what has caused the enemy to steal and to destroy. We all have gotten into a routine of praying the same prayer, singing the same songs, reading the book Psalms the entire year, and acting the same way even after repentance. Religion has become such a big part of this epidemic, that our generation has stopped letting God heal our emotional wounds, which in turn, have opened the door for Satan to sneak in and start taking what doesn't belong to him.

Back then, the way to connect with God was to offer Him animals as sacrifice. It was a religion, the proper way of offering something to God. But after seeing that the enemy was coming in to destroy and steal everything from the land, God decides its time for something to change. As you continue reading, the Bible says,

"By doing what is fair, Jerusalem will be free again. By doing what is right, her people who come back to the Lord will have freedom." — Isaiah 1:27

It is apparent that God wants us to reconcile and to do what is right so that we can be free of religion, and free from the attacks of the enemy.

Religion leads to nothing but destruction. You cannot win a battle using the the same strategy on the same enemy you have fought for the last year. You just won't win. That is precisely why God is calling us to break that, to break the daily routine we are living and seek different ways to get closer to Him and different ways to please Him.

We have to break the chains of religion and allow the freedom of God to come into our lives and stop the enemy and his attacks. Religion is the root of all destruction. God doesn't want us doing the same thing anymore. He wants to anoint and deposit His Holy Spirit and power in us so that we can then reach out to those who need to know Him.

Decide today to break old habits and to break the religious attitude we have all grown into so that we can start moving forward in Christ.


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