An uncomfortable Praise

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I recently learned that when God wants to grow you, He makes you feel uncomfortable.

He takes you through the unthinkable so that what you once thought was unmanageable, you can now do, because what was once an "un" is now an "is" because He is able to do it through you.

He takes you through the desert so that when time passes, you can later on reflect and say, "some time ago, I was weak but He made me strong. I was weak but His glory was perfected in my weakness".

Because it is not your strength that makes you strong. If you depended on your strength alone, everything would go wrong.

The Bible says that everything is possible, in God. It says that you can do all things, in God. So why is that when you're going through a tough time, God gets pushed to the back of your mind?

You forget who you serve and though you push hard and you try, to come out of your dry place, you find that your spiritual heart slowly dies.

That's he problem nowadays. People think that they can make it through their trials alone, but they won't, unless they take God with them.

Because He is he only one who can move you, who can mold you, who can shake you into our purpose.

If it wasn't for Him, you wouldn't be where you are right now. Because some way, somehow, God was able to see beyond the multitude and see right through you.

So it is no wonder that you sit here right now.

Don't me you can't praise him when things get hard. Don't tell me you can't worship because your heart has gone too far into the depth of this world. Don't you dare sit there and look at me like you can't praise.

Because it is you who needs to provoke the Holy Spirit to take control.

That's why its called and uncomfortable praise. Because when you least want is when you most have to.

You provoke the change.

So church, let's lift our hands, and let's praise.

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