∆ How far along? 7 weeks 
∆ Size? Blueberry
∆ Cravings? Pizza and spicy foods
∆ Maternity Clothes? Yes. Between my mother and my aunt they took to me to Burlington Coat Factory and helped me get some maternity pants and some baby bump shirts.
∆ Stretch Marks? None yet. I'm using a cocoa butter stretch mark cream. It's working wonders!
∆ Sleep? It's gotten a little better. I think all I needed was to get used to the belly.
∆ Best moment of the week? Daddy kissing the belly every morning.
∆ Mood Swings? No comment? Lol yes. Horrible mood swings! Lord forgive me.
∆ This weeks purchase? Baby wipes. I got a pack of 3 for only $4 at Walmart. 
∆ Looking forward to? First ultrasound. I'm so anxious! 

Cynthia Cano

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