Bump Update: Due date change!

Nov 6, 2015

Good morning my lovelies!

Since the last time I gave you all an update on my pregnancy, I have had a lot of check ups with the OB. Nothing severe, just needed.

On October 22nd I went into the emergency room, for personal reasons, where they did an ultrasound. Turned out the baby was measuring two weeks smaller than what we thought. They determined I was 5 weeks then. Then last week I had another ultrasound at my OB's office and there they confirmed that I was now 7 weeks pregnant. My husband and I were able to listen to baby's heartbeat and we were beyond happy and excited to know that everything was going perfectly fine. That's to show that when God promises you something, He follows through with His promise.

Our new due date is June 20, 2016.
I want time to speed up already. I want to have baby in my arms!

Xo, Cynthia Cano 

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