The story behind why I started blogging

by Cynthia Cano, 8:00 AM

I've been blogging for many years - changed websites a couples times, decided not to blog anymore, and then came back. Why the back and forth? Long story.

As a young girl, I always loved to write. I kept diaries and notebooks for a bunch of different things. I had my mom buy me diaries so that I can keep my deepest darkest secrets, vent when I was angry, and talk about the future that I dreamed. The notebooks were more for writing poetry and planning. I am now 20-something years old and still do it. My "diary" is actually a plain composition notebook that I consider my prayer journal. There I write like I'm talking to God - mostly when I have a mumbo jumbo of emotions, I let it out there. The notebooks I have: one for church purposes, one for poetry, and a binder for my blogging material. Simple, isn't it?

It only took until my second trimester (almost 5 months already) to get all of my energy back. Ugh! What a relief. Since day one of pregnancy all I could do was sleep. Which is not really such a bad thing but when you sleep all day and get nothing done, it's the worse. I would wake up tired even after sleeping a good 10-12 hours. I went practically an entire 5 months without cooking anything for myself. I've been living with my mother since August of last year, found out I was pregnant in October and ever since then, I've been eating my grandmothers cooking or my mothers. I mean, it's not bad food, but I did miss my own cooking.

This weekend I finally started feeling better. I gathered up the energy to actually clean something other than my bedroom, like the kitchen! Those that know me, know I hate cleaning kitchens but I enjoyed it so much! I even cooked!!! Yessssss hunnnnyyyyy. I made some ribs with roasted/seasoned potatoes and seasoned asparagus. Ohmygoodnesssss, I was in heaven. Yesterday, I picked up my grandmother and said, lets go grocery shopping - something else I have hated to do since I became pregnant but went! I think some people reading this are probably like, is she really excited to be doing this stuff?, well yes, yes I am lol. Do you realize what it is to go through a whole 5 MONTHS of laziness? >_<

I had my regular check-up Tuesday morning and it was quite interesting! My beautiful child did not want to be bothered at all. I find that the baby moves a lot more at night which is why half the time, I don't go to sleep until 2am. But Tuesday, as the doctor put the doppler on my belling and started moving it around, the baby decided to play hide and seek. He/She just wasn't having it lol. Thankfully, the baby stopped moving and were able to hear it's heartbeat - a beautiful 150. I don't get tired of hearing that sound.


  • MOVEMENTS  :  My baby is flexing now, so yes, lots and lots and lots of movements. And most movements are at night when I'm trying to fall asleep or when I'm (better yet, the baby) is hungry. But I love it! I can't wait to feel actual kicks and see it's elbow sticking out of my belly.
  • FOOD CRAVINGS  :  Nothing specific, just my own cooking. I missed it dearly.
  • WEIGHT GAIN  :  2 lbs gain from my pre-pregnancy weight. I asked the doctor on Tuesday if it was normal not to have gained much weight and she said it was perfectly ok, seeing as to how it's still fairly early in the pregnancy.
  • GENDER  :  Dun, dun dunnnn.... I find out on February 2nd. Well technically, my mother and best friends find out out the 2nd, I'll be finding out that weekend at the gender reveal party.
  • PURCHASES  :  I haven't bought anything since the babybook. It's really hard to find gender neutral things so I'll just wait it out and then splurge once I know the gender.

Pregnant mommies: are the prenatal vitamins making you sick? Mines did. I stopped taking them and mentioned it to my doctor. The best thing to take is the Flintstones chewable or gummy vitamins, and make sure they have iron in them. They are great. I take two a day. One in the morning and one before bed.

As many already know, I started up a book club called Club 31, back in September 2015. It was something that I envisioned for quite a while before actually moved in to realize it. So far it has been very successful. It brought together a group of young women not only as friends but as each other's motivators and go to personnel's.

We finished off the year with Women of Destiny by Cindy Jacobs. It was the first book we read and it was truly inspirational. Below I will describe the Pros and Cons about it and leave you with a final thought.

My top 10 Instagram favorites

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I absolutely love this "curly haired mommy/daughter blogger". She reminds me so much of myself with the curly hair, and her daughter, omg, she's gorgeous. She makes me want a daughter so much more. Imagine the matching hair!!!

Truly an inspiration. She is a minister of God with her own sense of style and personality. I really enjoy following her on social media. She is always positive and has a great outlook on life.

Dear young self,

by Cynthia Cano, 9:00 AM
I never thought growing up would come so fast, but it sure did. I remember when I was just 12 years old and planning my big Quinceanera and my dream Wedding. Man, I really drove mami crazy with all that planning! I must admit though, both Quinceanera and the Wedding surpassed my expectations. I remember dreaming of being pregnant and becoming a mom, and now, here I am, 4 months pregnant. It's exciting to look back and remember the things I use to journal and dream about, and now actually get to live those things.

Family game night

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I've come to realize the importance of family much more recently than I have in the past. Difficult times always come extra baggage, emotionally. So it's good to know that even when I feel most alone, I have people there that will always stand by my side. Sometimes with correction, and sometimes with plain ol' support, but they're there.

Yesterday, between my parents, my brother and myself, we treated ourselves to a night out. We enjoyed watching the Pacer's play (even though they lost) very much. We laughed and smiled plenty. Take a look!

Your past is too heavy

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For the most part, I usually try to start my blog posts with a catchy introduction but this topic is weighing so heavily in my heart, that I felt the need to get straight to the point this time around.

Before making it to leadership class on Thursday, the words "your past is too heavy" popped into my mind. I wrote them in my binder and left the binder open as if I was going to return to write something, but that was not the plan (I usually close the binder and store it away). After class was done, Apostle Christie began the closing prayer and there the Holy Spirit began to minister. She spoke of two hearts in the room needing to be healed and my eyes immediately teared, knowing that one of those hearts were mine. But in order to have the necessary healing there were two instructions we were to follow...

Listen to his voice.

Happy New Year, lovelies!

This is officially my first post of the year, and although I've had a rough last couple of weeks, I'm ready to start this year with the necessary changes in my life. I have to admit, adjusting to change is hard. I found myself in a good place just a couple months ago, but lately, I have acted contrary to the person I had managed to become in Christ. As we all already know, things never get easier unless you depend solely on God, and honestly, I kind of lost a bit of that. Am I saying that I have given up? Of course not. It's been hard, yes, but I'm working on refocusing myself. I'm on a mission to detox myself of all negativity that can jeopardize my happiness and the happiness of those around me.

As the year continues on, I ask that each of you reading this today, to continue praying for me and the upcoming changes in 2016. Your prayers are always needed and appreciated!

Speaking of changes in 2016... One of the major changes this year for me is the transition into motherhood come June. Today , I'm 16 weeks pregnant and showing a lot more than what I was on my last update. Baby is doing great: healthy and very active! We call him/her Bubbles because that what I feel everytime there's movement.

Weight change ▪ Originally lost a pound, but at my last appointment I gained two pounds (all baby)

Movement ▪ BUBBLES!! Baby gets very active during the evening times or when I'm laying in bed

Favorite foods ▪ Nothing specific just sweets 

Sleep ▪ It's true when they said that during pregnancy a woman tends to sleep a lot more but I didn't think it would be this much lol 

Gifts ▪ The baby book! We went to Baby's R Us this weekend to update my baby registry and ended up getting the baby book. I'm so excited to get it filled out

Boy or Girl ▪ As much as I would absolutely LOVE to have my baby girl, I have a gut feeling I'm carrying my little man in there... But we will see come February 

Well, that's all folks! Stay tuned for Club 31's update this weekend. We have finally started our new book.

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