Happy New Year, lovelies!

This is officially my first post of the year, and although I've had a rough last couple of weeks, I'm ready to start this year with the necessary changes in my life. I have to admit, adjusting to change is hard. I found myself in a good place just a couple months ago, but lately, I have acted contrary to the person I had managed to become in Christ. As we all already know, things never get easier unless you depend solely on God, and honestly, I kind of lost a bit of that. Am I saying that I have given up? Of course not. It's been hard, yes, but I'm working on refocusing myself. I'm on a mission to detox myself of all negativity that can jeopardize my happiness and the happiness of those around me.

As the year continues on, I ask that each of you reading this today, to continue praying for me and the upcoming changes in 2016. Your prayers are always needed and appreciated!

Speaking of changes in 2016... One of the major changes this year for me is the transition into motherhood come June. Today , I'm 16 weeks pregnant and showing a lot more than what I was on my last update. Baby is doing great: healthy and very active! We call him/her Bubbles because that what I feel everytime there's movement.

Weight change ▪ Originally lost a pound, but at my last appointment I gained two pounds (all baby)

Movement ▪ BUBBLES!! Baby gets very active during the evening times or when I'm laying in bed

Favorite foods ▪ Nothing specific just sweets 

Sleep ▪ It's true when they said that during pregnancy a woman tends to sleep a lot more but I didn't think it would be this much lol 

Gifts ▪ The baby book! We went to Baby's R Us this weekend to update my baby registry and ended up getting the baby book. I'm so excited to get it filled out

Boy or Girl ▪ As much as I would absolutely LOVE to have my baby girl, I have a gut feeling I'm carrying my little man in there... But we will see come February 

Well, that's all folks! Stay tuned for Club 31's update this weekend. We have finally started our new book.

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