As many already know, I started up a book club called Club 31, back in September 2015. It was something that I envisioned for quite a while before actually moved in to realize it. So far it has been very successful. It brought together a group of young women not only as friends but as each other's motivators and go to personnel's.

We finished off the year with Women of Destiny by Cindy Jacobs. It was the first book we read and it was truly inspirational. Below I will describe the Pros and Cons about it and leave you with a final thought.

  • I love how the author gave examples of experiences that occurred in her life which went along with the topic. It felt like she was more involved in what she was writing about than actually just writing a book to just have it written. With Cindy speaking about her personal experiences it gives off a stronger connection between her, as the author, and the reader.
  • In chapter 8, she used a series of questions that really stood out to me. These questions were to reflect on and see how we could improve in that certain area in our life. I really enjoyed going over them.
  • She references almost everything and that's really important to me. I like to know that what I'm reading (if a spiritual topic), is actually in the Bible or not. I guess it's a form studying and not just reading. I like to dig deeper, and with her references, I can do that.
  • I feel as though she used too many bullet points in some chapters. It's not really a big deal, but sometimes it distracts me from what I actually want to read. She gets very in detail with certain things and that just adds more bullet points.

Obviously, I liked the book more than I disliked it (hence the one con), so would I recommend it? Of course! In a lot of areas, it ministered to me beyond belief. The funny thing about me finding this book, is that I randomly walked into goodwill one day and decided, oh!Let me look at the 99 cent books, and there it was, patiently waiting for me.

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  1. Sounds like a good book to reflect and learn. I´ll probably give it a chance.
    Good review!


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