It only took until my second trimester (almost 5 months already) to get all of my energy back. Ugh! What a relief. Since day one of pregnancy all I could do was sleep. Which is not really such a bad thing but when you sleep all day and get nothing done, it's the worse. I would wake up tired even after sleeping a good 10-12 hours. I went practically an entire 5 months without cooking anything for myself. I've been living with my mother since August of last year, found out I was pregnant in October and ever since then, I've been eating my grandmothers cooking or my mothers. I mean, it's not bad food, but I did miss my own cooking.

This weekend I finally started feeling better. I gathered up the energy to actually clean something other than my bedroom, like the kitchen! Those that know me, know I hate cleaning kitchens but I enjoyed it so much! I even cooked!!! Yessssss hunnnnyyyyy. I made some ribs with roasted/seasoned potatoes and seasoned asparagus. Ohmygoodnesssss, I was in heaven. Yesterday, I picked up my grandmother and said, lets go grocery shopping - something else I have hated to do since I became pregnant but went! I think some people reading this are probably like, is she really excited to be doing this stuff?, well yes, yes I am lol. Do you realize what it is to go through a whole 5 MONTHS of laziness? >_<

I had my regular check-up Tuesday morning and it was quite interesting! My beautiful child did not want to be bothered at all. I find that the baby moves a lot more at night which is why half the time, I don't go to sleep until 2am. But Tuesday, as the doctor put the doppler on my belling and started moving it around, the baby decided to play hide and seek. He/She just wasn't having it lol. Thankfully, the baby stopped moving and were able to hear it's heartbeat - a beautiful 150. I don't get tired of hearing that sound.


  • MOVEMENTS  :  My baby is flexing now, so yes, lots and lots and lots of movements. And most movements are at night when I'm trying to fall asleep or when I'm (better yet, the baby) is hungry. But I love it! I can't wait to feel actual kicks and see it's elbow sticking out of my belly.
  • FOOD CRAVINGS  :  Nothing specific, just my own cooking. I missed it dearly.
  • WEIGHT GAIN  :  2 lbs gain from my pre-pregnancy weight. I asked the doctor on Tuesday if it was normal not to have gained much weight and she said it was perfectly ok, seeing as to how it's still fairly early in the pregnancy.
  • GENDER  :  Dun, dun dunnnn.... I find out on February 2nd. Well technically, my mother and best friends find out out the 2nd, I'll be finding out that weekend at the gender reveal party.
  • PURCHASES  :  I haven't bought anything since the babybook. It's really hard to find gender neutral things so I'll just wait it out and then splurge once I know the gender.

Pregnant mommies: are the prenatal vitamins making you sick? Mines did. I stopped taking them and mentioned it to my doctor. The best thing to take is the Flintstones chewable or gummy vitamins, and make sure they have iron in them. They are great. I take two a day. One in the morning and one before bed.

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