The story behind why I started blogging

by Cynthia Cano, 8:00 AM

I've been blogging for many years - changed websites a couples times, decided not to blog anymore, and then came back. Why the back and forth? Long story.

As a young girl, I always loved to write. I kept diaries and notebooks for a bunch of different things. I had my mom buy me diaries so that I can keep my deepest darkest secrets, vent when I was angry, and talk about the future that I dreamed. The notebooks were more for writing poetry and planning. I am now 20-something years old and still do it. My "diary" is actually a plain composition notebook that I consider my prayer journal. There I write like I'm talking to God - mostly when I have a mumbo jumbo of emotions, I let it out there. The notebooks I have: one for church purposes, one for poetry, and a binder for my blogging material. Simple, isn't it?

Anyway, back to the blogging story...

So, in my last year of high school, I noticed Tumblr was becoming really popular. I'm not sure what was so cool and special about re-blogging a bunch of pictures and quotes, but it was. So I made my Tumblr account. I followed all sorts of blogs including inspirational ones. The inspirational ones intrigued me a lot to the point where I started writing instead of just re-blogging pictures. I posted things I was going through, the typical post about my high school boyfriend at the time, I would vent, you know, all the teenage stuff. I found a Christian blog that really impacted me. The owners name was Dan (great guy). His material and the words that God put in his heart were so profound that I started slowing wanting to have the same type of relationship with God that he did (at the time, I wasn't too sure if the "church life" was for me), but I was impacted. When I finally realized that the only path in my life to take was one with God in it, I opened up a Blogspot account and decided to start writing inspirational posts. At first, I worried about who the blog would reach, if I would have any followers, but as time went by, I found that as I wrote about personal experiences and things I learned from studying the Bible myself, traffic was coming in.

I started enjoying sharing my testimony with people that actually read my blog. But when I really started to appreciate blogging was when I became pen pals with someone from South Africa, Susan Lado. It was so surreal how I reached someone so far away from me, but I did - to God be all the glory! I kept blogging and kept emailing Susan for many years on and off. I eventually wanted to make my blog look more professional, so I moved to Wordpress, deleting all the material I had my Blogspot account. That didn't last long. I ended up coming back to Blogspot, and here I am writing, and here you are reading. I've gone some time without writing and then I come back again but I've maintained this site open because I realize that even if I reach ONE person, that's enough for me. I know that I am doing God's work through this blog and I truly do enjoy it.

Just recently, I visited a church with my family and some of the musician of my church. After the service, the pastors daughter comes to me (mind you, we have never really spoken), and says to me that she is always reading my blogs and then when she forgets my website, she goes through my Facebook profile to find it again. That was something special. I never thought to think about who I was reaching and who was reading and to know that I have made some type of impact in this young girls life, is a blessing to me. Moments like this, when someone mentions my blog or writes me an email/inbox message talking about how what I post inspires them, reassures me that I'm doing something right.

My blogging started out as a simple hobby, but it has now turned into a ministry. My only hope for this site is that, for as long as its open, that it continues to inspire and motivate young women.

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