Your past is too heavy

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For the most part, I usually try to start my blog posts with a catchy introduction but this topic is weighing so heavily in my heart, that I felt the need to get straight to the point this time around.

Before making it to leadership class on Thursday, the words "your past is too heavy" popped into my mind. I wrote them in my binder and left the binder open as if I was going to return to write something, but that was not the plan (I usually close the binder and store it away). After class was done, Apostle Christie began the closing prayer and there the Holy Spirit began to minister. She spoke of two hearts in the room needing to be healed and my eyes immediately teared, knowing that one of those hearts were mine. But in order to have the necessary healing there were two instructions we were to follow...

Listen to his voice.

Two things I knew I needed to do before the Holy Spirit even began to minister, and yet two things that I was not allowing my heart to do. As many know, I've had some troubling times recently and unfortunately, it brought me to an angry place and lead me to question God as to why I'm always the one to have to go through these types of hard times. I focused so much on what had been going on, how I felt, and what people would say about my future decisions, that I blocked out the voice of God and what His purpose for me is through this process. Instead of growing through it, I became stuck.

Your past is too heavy....

Evidently, God wanted me to know that I have allowed my past and the things occurring in my life to overpower me and slow down my growth. But I wanted to share this with you because I truly feel like someone reading this is also going through some tough circumstances and God is telling you right now, LET IT GO AND WALK IN YOUR PURPOSE. A lot of times, we carry this baggage in fear of what people will say or think but let me tell you this.... God knows exactly what He is doing and allowing in your life. He knows why He is telling you what He is telling you. If the baggage of your past is too heavy, it's not yours to carry anymore. He wants to heal you. He wants to fix your problems. Stop worrying about the "what if's". Trust God. Trust the process. Trust the journey.

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