IT'S A....................

Feb 7, 2016

Yes! Yes! Yes!
  It's a GIRL!

She obviously was not shy at all!

Giving mommy a big smile!

There are no words to describe my excitement, literally - look at my face in the video lol. All this time I thought it was a boy and to my surprise, God heard a prayer that I have had for many years. Ever since my grandmother passed away when I was 11 years old, I always prayed to God to give me a girl when I first became pregnant so that I could name her after my grandmother. But since I became pregnant (or found out I was pregnant) in October, I kind of programmed my mind to expect a boy for the simple fact that I have all brothers and no sisters. Orlando also all brothers, except for 1 sister. So I automatically assumed that if we both had basically all male siblings, that it would be really hard for me to have a daughter. But God heard my deepest of prayer and He answered it. This is truly a blessing to both of us and our families.

We agreed on naming our babygirl Irmáliz Enid.

Irmáliz, meaning Irma (after my grandmother) and adding Liz to the end to make it something unique and different.

 Enid, meaning "In Spirit" (which is also my middle name given to me by my grandmother)

Yesterday was such a great day! I am so thankful for all the family and friends that stopped by to share that special moment with my family and myself.

 Irmáliz will be sooooooooooooo spoiled. She is my mothers first grandchild ever and my fathers first granddaughter after 3 grandsons. So imagine the joy that we all feel to know that she will be here in just 4 months (that are going to take forever and eternity)!

Now.... the shopping begins!!!!!!

PS: I decided not to do the February Journal Challenge this weekend just because I have been too excited about the news on our babygirl. I figured this was reason enough to skip it lol. I'll start up again tomorrow!