I saw this on Facebook a while ago and shared it to my Mom Squad Facebook group, then figured it would be a great discussion topic, so here we are!

I know all mothers have a different point of view on things, and that's perfectly fine. Each person is entitled to their own opinion and own way of raising their child. My personal opinion regarding chores is that it's a must in our children's lives. It teaches responsibility at a young age which is vital to their development. Of course, each chore given has to be given according to the individual child's development. You won't give a 2 year the chore of washing dirty pots and pans. It's just not reasonable.

Here are some of the responses I got from some of the mommies of the group:

 "Definitely" - Brittany
"Very young they can wipe counters with a baby wipe. B is 6 and matches the clean socks for and puts her dirty clothes in the appropriate basket. She puts away clean silverware and helps rinse dishes in the sink. There are lots of things they can do but every child is different in what they can handle at different ages." - Shannon
"Yes definitely. I even have Luke pick up after his toys after he is done playing with them. I sing the clean up song and help him out, he thinks it s a game. Little does he know I'm teaching him to clean up after himself." - Catherine

I think this chart is a great example of what chores kids should be doing at their age. I'm personally going to hold onto this one. I may not have my daughter in my hands just yet, but I'm well aware that when she does get here, time will fly (which I'm already dreading lol).

"Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy." - Robert Heinlein

What do you mommies think? Should young children have the responsibility of chores around the house (especially if they already know how to operate a smartphone)? I would really love to read your responses!

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