Six months into my pregnancy and I can honestly say that there are a few things I would do differently. I have enjoyed my pregnancy to the max, so don't get me wrong on that, but being as to how this is the first pregnancy I actually get to enjoy (and others have enjoyed with me) I was kind of hesitant to make certain decisions for myself. So, I gathered up a list of do's and don't for the expectant mommy. Keep in mind, these are my personal experiences and things I would do differently, so by no means is this a list of things you have to do (obviously, lol).


  • Do follow your baby's development. 
    • I downloaded two apps - Pregnancy on Baby Center and Baby Bump Pro. You'll love seeing how your baby grows and changes from the moment you found out you were pregnant to the moment your baby entered this world. I loved both because they each gave me different information to read each day. Baby Bump Pro caught my attention because every week it shows you a picture of what the baby and uterus looks like at that stage. 

  • Do take pictures of your belly.
    • Once your belly is gone, I'm pretty sure you'll miss it. I usually try to take a snap a pic once a week sometimes every two weeks, but of course, just your personal preference. I like to put the pictures together into a collage to see how much I've grown in just a few days. Believe me when I say, you won't notice any changes to your body until you see the pictures!
  • Do wear undershirts!
    • I know it sounds silly, but you will have the worse case of its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes! OMG. I have never felt so hot until I became pregnant. The good thing about wearing undershirts/layers is that one by one you can take them off until you feel comfortable. If you rather not wear undershirts, a great idea would be to carry something like in your purse that would be easy to change into. Believe me when I say undershirts will become your best friend.


  • Don't feel like you are obligated to let everyone touch your belly.
    • I don't mind showing off my belly, bu there are only a handful of people that I actually allow to rub it. In the beginning of my pregnancy (and sometimes even now) I would feel bad if I said no but now that I'm close to ending this pregnancy, I wish I would've put a limit to how much and how long people rubbed my belly for. There have been so many times where I have felt uncomfortable but to keep everyone happy, I've kind of just dealt with it. Remember, it's YOUR body. If you feel uncomfortable, don't force yourself to let everyone touch your belly. You do have a choice!
  • Don't stop wearing those heels!
    • Everyone always told me that once I became pregnant, I couldn't wear heels anymore. But, I did! It's perfectly safe just as long as you feel comfortable in them and they're not so high. I love wear heels so I still wear them, even at six months. Of course, with the extra weight I've gained I have to be extra cautious because my step has become harder. Lately though, I've leaned more towards flats... Expect to do the same towards the end of your pregnancy.

These were just a couple things I could think for the first 6 months of my pregnancy. I hope I'll be able to do another one after the baby is born. Look out for part 2 in June!