Back to school, I go.

by Cynthia Cano, 4:54 PM
That's right.

I have officially completed my registration and financial aid application for the Fall. I know some people may down me for going back to school just a month and a half after my daughter is born, but I'm doing this for her.

I have wanted to go back to school for so long but due to certain personal circumstances, I haven't had the chance. But with bringing this little person into the world, and knowing I will have to provide for her until the day that she begins her own life, I decided I wanted to become a better person. Again, I wanted to this before but because of some issues in my life, I wasn't able to. Now that it's just me and her, I have found enough motivation to move forward in my life and do better, not for me, but for her, my princess.

I am beyond excited for this step forward and although I know it won't be easy, I am determined to make it happen. I know my daughter will always push me forward, as well as my parents, and God will always give me the strength and sanity to continue doing it.

Now that the registration is done with, wish me luck on finding a full time job and a babysitter/daycare for the Fall. I have my head straight on my shoulders; I know this won't be an easy task, but "everything is possible in God".

Pray for me you guys, I'll definitely be needing it!

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