Bump Update: 30 weeks pregnant!

Apr 11, 2016

Hello, Third Trimester!

Today I am finally 30 weeks pregnant. It's crazy how fast these 7 1/2 months have gone by. Pretty soon I'll have my little girl in my arms. Ah! I can't wait. Pregnancy has been such a beautiful experience for me; being able to feel Mali's little kicks and movements and feeling her have hiccups; ohmagoshhh, I love it. I know for a fact that when she is here, I'm going to miss feeling her inside of me, but nothing will compare to actually having her in my arms.

I'm excited to be a mother. I dreamed of this since I was a little girl. When I got married in 2014 I prayed nonstop for me to become pregnant. Many know my testimony and many don't but finding out I was pregnant in October of 2015 was truly a miracle - from having emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, to being told it would take a while for me become pregnant, to God tell us that we would be great parents and that I was healed, and then getting our confirmation. God truly does work in mysterious ways and that's why our babygirl is a miracle from Heaven (read the full testimony here).

In just two days my family and I leave to Connecticut for my first babyshower. Yes, my first, meaning I have a second one coming in May, lol. My father and stepmother are hosting a babyshower in my hometown so that our entire family can celebrate the coming of the first grand daughter in the Del Toro family (just like I was the first grand daughter, Mali now is the first grand daughter too). It's going to be such a beautiful day, I know it! Don't worry, I will definitely keep everyone posted on how both babyshower's turned out.

  • Movements : She moves so much during the day and night. But she does most of her hard kicks around 11pm, every single night, lol. She gives me a hard time sleeping most of the time, but I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything in this world.
  • Weight Gain : So far I have gained a total of almost 20 pounds and I'm not ashamed of it! Mostly it's all baby because you can't even see the pounds on me.
  • Contractions : For the first last week I had braxton hicks contractions around 1-2 in the morning. They were strong but not so strong, if you get what I mean. They were definitely strong enough to wake me up in the middle of the night.
  • Cravings : Nothing but sweets. Don't judge me! I get these late night cravings for sweet stuff a couple times a week. There's been a couple times we've made late night runs to McDonald's for Oreo and M&M mcflurries, lol.
  • Swelling : A lot. I started working part time a little over a month ago and ever since then my feet and fingers started swelling really bad and I ended up in the hospital. Everything turned out fine but they did tell me to stay away from salty foods, especially any fast foods (which I started eating a lot when I started working again).
  • Heartburn : I get heartburn from time to time so I'm hoping she comes out with lots of hair.

Pregnancy has been a blessing but I can't wait for June to come around and meet this little princess of ours!

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