No one knows the struggle of traveling better than a pregnant woman, especially when traveling over the road. I'm telling you, I enjoyed the 15 hour road trip but if you ask me if I would do it again, I'd say not in my third trimester. It wasn't a horrible trip, but it was tiring and uncomfortable with this big ol' belly and to add to the stress of my big ol' belly, we also traveled with three dogs. Never again.

Before taking the trip, I read a lot of different blogs about traveling while pregnant and I tried to follow a lot of their tips, but when it's your turn to take the trip, the results can be a little different. SO! I decided to create my own list of tips for all of you expecting mommies in hopes to lighten up the stress of traveling in your third trimester. By no means are these tips something you have to follow, but tips to keep in mind on your next trip.

  • Dress comfy!
    Try to wear loose fitting clothes if you can. On the way to our destination, I decided to wear leggings and a maternity shirt because I thought it would be comfortable and cute. Well, I did a great job on the cute part but on the comfortable part, not so much. Not only did the leggings not give me any breathing room on my legs, but they hurt the crap out of my lower belly after sitting for almost 16 hours. On the way back home, I decided on a t-shirt and loose pajama pants and I was so much more comfortable the entire ride.
  • Leave the sneakers in your bag!
    I thought sneakers would prevent my feet from swelling so much but it kind of made it worse. By the time I took off my sneakers I could barely walk due to the fact that since my feet were compressed the entire time, all the swelling went to my ankles. As dumb as this sounds, I'd rather have my entire foot swollen than just my ankles; it's way too painful. On the way back home, I decided on flip flops that were easy to take off and put back whenever we stopped for a restroom break.
  • Don't skip restroom breaks!
    You never know how far the next rest area is (well, actually you do).  Each sign should tell you the distance to the next one but don't try to be brave and hold on until you can't anymore. Stop while you can, believe me. There was only one time I decided to wait so that we could get a little bit more ahead and I regretted it afterward. I ended up telling my mom to stop wherever there was a gas station so I could run into the restroom, thank God we finally got to the rest area in time.
  • Pack lots of snacks!
    Healthy if possible! We packed ham and cheese sandwiches with a bag of lettuce on the side for those that eat lettuce; peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, fruits and crackers. Oh! and lots of water and juices. You have to make sure you keep yourself hydrated with water (even if it means taking an extra restroom break). Remember to think of your little one. Believe me when I say, he/she will get uncomfortable in there and will let you know it.
  • Call shot gun!
    Sitting in the front seat passenger side is definitely going to help with the swelling on your feet. I swelled a lot when I sat in the back but once I sat in the front seat and was able to elevate my feet up on the dashboard, the swelling went down a lot.
  • Pack your baby bag & take it with you!
    Honestly, I didn't really need to take the precaution because I've had such a healthy pregnancy that doctors weren't worried about me traveling, but lets be real, anything can happen. You want to be prepared in case your little one decides to make an unexpected appearance. 
and lastly.....
  • Enjoy the ride!
    I stressed the trip a lot at first because I was so nervous about traveling so late in my pregnancy, but once I relaxed, I was able to enjoy the trip alongside my family.

Let me know what you mommies to be think about these tips & feel free to share your own!
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