Out of My Comfort Zone

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I always said I wanted to do great things in His name.
I wasn't worried about being known or obtaining fame,
But I was worried about if people would ever look at me the same.
In my mind, I wasn't ready for that responsibility.
God was ready to shift me into full gear,
While I was ready to work right from here.
I wasn't ready to strip myself of the unnecessary things that I'd carried over the years.
I was marked by words that the enemy had managed to slip into my ears,
And I was hesitant to move forward,
Because I couldn't face my fears.
But it just so happened that God was going to turn my reality around.
He became tired of my little games.
I was now to do what He said I had to do,
Even if that meant dragging myself on the ground.
He became tired of the "it's" and the "but's",
All He needed was a "yes, Lord. I'll go".
I didn't know that then...
Because when God gives you a word,
No matter how profound,
That word has to come to life,
Even if it means stripping you once piece at a time.
There were things that I needed to let go of.
People that needed to be removed from my life.
And although, I will admit, many times I felt confused,
God was working everything in my favor,
Because it was me He needed to us.
It was no longer about what I needed and I wanted,
But what God needed and what He wanted.
That's where my process started.
I shed a lot of tears and many times I felt alone,
But it was through that process that I was able to grow.
Yes, it was uncomfortable.
Yes, it was painful.
But if I hadn't gone through what I went through,
I wouldn't be able to praise Him.
That's why God has to shift us.
That's why He has to move us and shake us.
Because He needs to get the best out of us.
There's something special in all of you that God needs to use.
That's why you can't allow for the things of this world to consume,
Your mind, your heart, and your soul.
Because wherever it is that you go,
The purpose of the Lord for your life goes behind you.
You have a praise to give.
But in order for that praise to be able to live,
There are things that you need to let go of.
Your process will be painful,
But it will ignite a fire inside of your soul,
And provoke a special praise that will be out of your freshly control.
Because when God wants you to grow,
He will make you uncomfortable!

© April 2016. Cynthia Enid Cano

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