Women's Retreat: Stand up & Shine!

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This past weekend was such a blessing!

Friday evening, myself and some of the women from my church road tripped to Cincinnati, OH for a women's retreat. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get there but when we finally made it, it was well worth the drive. Phones, tablets, etc, were put away and it was time to enjoy our time alone with God.

When we got there on Friday, we quickly entered to join the rest of the ladies in service. We sang songs to the Lord and many women received prophet words directly from God. When service was over, we made our way to the bunks. We had so much fun! We ended up changing rooms, where just the 8 of us. Because of how loud we were, three more people that weren't in our group ended up joining us in that room... but wait until you hear the testimony on that. It was so much fun!

Saturday morning we woke up, ate breakfast and had our morning devotional. Many women wrote anonymous questions to Doctor Maggie Rodriguez and she answered them from up front. God truly ministered that morning. The presence of the Lord was so great in that cafeteria that God began breaking people down only to build them up again. The move of God that morning was so beautiful! One of the ladies that stayed in our room with us, took a quick part to share a testimony with the rest of us. Turned out she was a Pastor. She spoke about how she came to the retreat full of baggage and stress but when she entered the room with us, she was able to smile and laugh for the first time in a really long time. How beautiful is that? It is no coincidence that we shared a room with her.  It's a blessing to know that the women of House of Restoration church were able to make such a big impact on this First Lady.

We ended the evening with one more preaching from Doctor Maggie and then we were dismissed home. But before hitting the road again, you know us ladies, we had to get some selfies in, lol. Take a look at the beautiful pictures we were able to take.

This was our first groupie! We had literally just arrived at the camp and stopped for a picture before joining the rest of the women for our evening worship.
This one was taken on Saturday during our packing break. Once we got the bus loaded we stopped for more pictures. The weather was great out!
We struggled in trying to get everyone to fit in this one, lol.
This is Pastor Madelyn with sister Yolanda. This weekend was our first time meeting her and glory be to God, she accepted him as His Savior on Friday night. 
Pastor Madelyn with sister Melissa. We also met her for the first time on Friday, In fact, she is sister Yolanda's daughter. She also gave her life to Christ on Friday. Another soul for Christ!
Pastor Madelyn and sister Nancy
Pastor Madelyn and sister Iris
Pastor Madelyn and sister Marlen
Pastor Madelyn and sister Jomaira
Pastor Madelyn and sister Monica (my beautiful mommy, whom I love so much!)
Pastor Madelyn and me! Oh and the belly, lol.
This is us with Doctor, Pastor, Prophetess Maggie Rodriguez. She is truly a women of God and we were blessed to receive the word of God from her this weekend.
 It was such an amazing weekend. The devil tried to stop us from attending but at the end of the day, we received double victory! I encourage to fellowship with the women's group in your church as much as you can, even if you're one of the younger ones. It was a beautiful experience being able to spend so much time with these lovely ladies and learn more from them. 

Time like this is never wasted time!
Xo, Cynthia.

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