Book Review: Fight Like A Girl, Lisa Bevere

May 21, 2016

"In FIGHT LIKE A GIRL, Lisa Bevere implores us to embrace the differences between the sexes instead of trying to eradicate them. We live in a culture where women and men are encouraged to move closer to center and away from the traits that distinguish females from males. In fact, it's a common insult among men: to "fight like a girl" implies weakness. Instead, Lisa challenges women to accept - and celebrate -  themselves as God created them. Their femininity is actually their greatest strength. Instead of trying to adapt to the ill-fitting male model, women need to pick up the power God ordained for them and make their unique and much-needed mark on society, the world, and the church.

In FIGHT LIKE A GIRL, you will discover how to fully embrace and express the femininity God designed - and so highly values - in you. In learning to "fight like a girl" lies a woman's true potential and fulfillment.

The latest book in my book club is Fight Like a Girl. We started off reading it within the group itself, but I finished the book on my own and I must admit, I was able to dig deeper, write more notes, and apply it to my personal life. That's the best part of a good book; not only is it good, but when it relates to your own life, you make an instant connection with the book and the author and allow it to minister to you.

The beginning of the book focused on the explanation of women not being a problem but an answer. I like how it began with that specific introduction to the rest of the book because it allowed me to sit and reflect on how many times I have felt like the problem or the victim when in reality, I could've turned the situation around to be an answer.

You are somebody's answer. You are something's answer. There is a problem out there only your presence can solve. There is a broken and wounded heart to which only you can administer healing. You are a voice to the mute. You are beauty amid desolation. You are not a victim; you are an answer.
Chapter 2, Page 19, Section "Embrace Your Power"
These beginning chapters will really make you feel and realize that you are important and a special and vital part of God's creation. It will give you an insight of who you are as a woman, and what you were created for.

Our gender is our strength. It is our core and center, from which we ultimately find our power.
Chapter 4, Page 39, Section "The Peace at the Center" 

Towards the middle of the book, we start to see the mention of how women should fight (spiritually, of course). Here you will learn how to transition from who you are as a woman, to how to should exhibit your power and influence as the woman that you are. You will read a couple a chapters on the influence of women on their husbands and their marriages. So. we learn, that we don't only influence those around us, but those we have deep/intimate relationships with.

Love is not only one of the weapons and forces women fight with; love is their domain to protect.
Chapter 9, Page 112, Section "Be Led by Love" 

The last few chapters were actually my favorite, chapter 14 especially. This chapter focused solely on Deborah; who she was, and what she was all about. If you know me or have followed my blogs for some time, you should already know that my favorite Bible character is Deborah. I love how this chapter gave sort of like a summary of what exactly occurred in her story and then translated it to how we should act in life. I love me a good Bible study class and this chapter was just that. It was so detailed but straight to the point, It kept me intrigued the entire time and had me wanting more. Not too many chapters of this book did that to me but this one did it. Maybe it was just my fascination of Deborah, or maybe it was just an awesome chapter, you'll have to find out for yourself! lol.

Deborah used her authority and influence to foster obedience in Barak. She did not try to pull her rank as a judge or play her "God card" as prophetess and rebuke him for his defiance. She lent him her strength.
Chapter 14, Page 187, Section "Enter Deborah"

To finalize this book review, I want to say that this book was truly a blessing to my life. It was sort of like a revelation to my personal and spiritual life of the authority, the power, and the influence in me as a woman of God. A lot of times us women find ourselves pushed to the back burner but even there, God is going to use us in mighty ways.

If you are struggling with finding your identity in Christ as a woman, I definitely recommend this book to you. You will learn a lot about what it is to be a woman of God. You are not just simply a woman. There is power in you that comes above and it's time for you to stand up right where you are and declare it. Use this book as a guide to how you need fight in the spiritual rhelm, in your marriage, and in your personal life. You will surely be blessed and will see the difference when you apply these teachings to your life.

If you would like to learn more about Lisa Bevere and her books, check out her personal website and blog.


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