15 Things I need to improve on

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1.       Self- love. There’s so much more I can learn to love about myself; I mean, who’s going to learn how to love me if I don’t learn to love me?
2.       Independence. I’ve always been somewhat independent, but these days, I find myself not wanting to be alone in anything and wanting the help and support of others – especially my mom.

3.       Finding strength. A lot of times I feel like I can’t find the strength to move forward in life when God is always near me and always gives me strength, so why is it so hard for me to find?
4.       Listening. Ever hear the quote “listen more, speak less”? Yea, I need to do that.
5.       Writing skills. I used to have amazing writing skills, in my opinion at least, but quite frankly, I feel like I suck now, lol.
6.       Spend less time on my phone. Believe it or not, my phone is in my hands 70% of the time. I have to find something better to do when I’m bored instead of scrolling through social media.
7.       Productivity. I bet you already knew I was going to get to this one…. Well yes, I could be doing so much more with my free time and instead I sit around moping about what I should do.
8.       Punctuality. I’m late to almost everything. Unfortunately, I have no shame. But I guess I need to improve that too!

9.       Communication. I’m horrible at communicating, well when it comes to emotions and things of that sort. I can never find the right words and everything always comes out the wrong way.
10.   Self-confidence. For someone who has been writing for so many years, I never feel like its good enough. For someone who likes to wear make-up and dress up, I don’t always feel pretty.
11.   Perception. I have a weird way of seeing things. Or maybe I see things exactly for what they are but if I can add a little bit of positivity in it, that would turn things around real quick.
12.   Become a morning person. I hate mornings. Point, blank, period. Don’t ask me why, I just hate waking up so early, I still do it of course, but if we didn’t work in this world, all I would do is sleep!
13.   My attitude. Yea, it’s bad – getting better by the day, but still bad.
14.   Self-control. Sometimes I can act out on emotion instead of staying calm and thinking about my next steps and decisions before I act out on them.

15.   Procrastination. I really need to get things done when I first know I need to get them done. I’m not gonna lie, I can be lazy some times, but who isn’t? 

Whats something you need to improve on?

Xo, Cynthia.
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  1. Each of these is so important! I especially like the "perception" one. I have found that, in many instances, I have perceived something in a way that takes my own peace away. So that's a definite place of improvement for me. Thank you for sharing and be abundantly blessed!

    1. Exactly! I just want to be at peace with myself and those around me. And learning how to alter my perception on certain people and situations will definitely help me bring that peace to my life.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Worthy goals! May the Lord have control of our hearts through it all.....

  3. Great goals! I think we could all stand to follow this list in the new year


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