I'm so excited to announce that Book Club is back!

I've missed sitting down with my girls for a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning to just talk about what we’ve read and how it has encouraged and inspired us. There's honestly nothing better than that.

So we’ve got our book! We've set our dates! And we're ready!

Three years and counting

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Happy 3 year anniversary to my husband and I!

These past three years of marriage have been interesting to say the least. It has not been easy but today we can proudly say (in our native language) Ebenezer, hasta aquí nos ha ayudado Dios!

Ah! My favorite time of the year is here, you guys! I'm so excited to be welcoming September into my life again, lol. Entering a new month is always exciting but this month in particular (for me anyways) sets the standard for the rest of the year. I mean, there's so much to look forward to, don't you think. Thanksgiving and Christmas are honestly my two favorite holidays during this time and I've already started preparing for them - Pinterest style!

My husband retreated this past weekend and I couldn't help but feel a little lonely. I had my daughter with me, but with daddy away, it just felt too quiet. Before bed, I decided to get some reading done. Initially I was going to grab my personal book, 'You Are Free' but instead, something prompted me to grab my daughters children's Bible.

Your influence as a mother is powerful

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Your influence as a mother is powerful. Don't waste it. Little eyes are watching you.
I came across this quote on Pinterest when it sparked my interest and made me dig into my Bible. I never really understood how much power and influence went into being a mother, until now, that I am a mother myself. Even then, sometimes, with everything I do on a daily, I forget how important my role is. But regardless if I remember or forget, the role of being a mother is important.

From Ashes to Riches

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Do I begin by telling you that things just happen? Or do I start with the fact that sometimes God will make you go through hell and back just to get what He wanted out of you? Either way, I think its fair to say that my marriage wasn't perfect, but then again, what marriage is?

From the ashes
My husband and I first met in July 2012 and I can honestly say that our friendship grew to much more fairly quickly. In November 2012 we began dating and immediately our roller coaster began. Our relationship was a rough one. We went through things that most relationships wouldn't normally go through but we decided to stick together. A year after dating we got engaged and we got married on December 6, 2014. At the beginning of our marriage, it was tough. Living together was something new so we had a lot of adjusting to do. It was hard! But we managed to get by.

Salmos 40:1
“Puse en el Señor toda mi esperanza;
    él se inclinó hacia mí y escuchó mi clamor”.

Mi nombre es Bernice García. Mi historia ha sido muy interesante y me he desenvuelto muy diferente a lo esperado. En algún momento de mi vida dije que la maldición generacional terminaría en mí y no pasaría a mi futura generación ósea mis hijos.

Para empezar, me crie en un hogar disfuncional pero “cristiano”.  Fuimos victimas de violencia domestica entre otros. Cuando cumplí mis 15 años de edad; fui forzada a casarme por como dicen en Puerto Rico “metí las patas” y era una vergüenza para la familia que no me casara. A esa edad tenia las responsabilidades de un matrimonio, hogar y escuela. Me gradué de cuarto año con mi primer hijo en brazos a una semana de haber dado a luz.

Mi matrimonio duro aproximadamente 17 años con dos hijos maravillosos a quienes apode Danny y Jojo. Esos 17 años también fui victima de violencia domestica, violación, maltrato, adulterio, adicción a cocaína y alcohol (el) y otras cosas mas.  Finalmente decido romper con la relación (que no fue fácil) y comenzar una nueva vida.

Remain faithful and carry on.

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As I read the verses for my "Inscribe the Word" challenge for this year (check it out on Twitter), a specific part caught my attention.

"Think back on those early days when you first learned about Christ. Remember how you remained faithful even though it meant terrible suffering." — Hebrews 10:32

Think back on those early days...

Those words grabbed me whole heartedly. God was speaking . He was speaking to my soul and my spirit, and He placed it in my heart to share this small thought with you.Remember those days when the church was more united than it is now (I speak of churches world wide)? I do. And I miss those days, quite frankly. I remember how churches used to unite in prayer, vigils, and gather in spiritual fellowships to feed our souls and fight our spiritual battles together.

Hi my name is Sylquia (Silk) and I am 32 years old, mom to a teenage boy (Marcus) and a recent graduate from the Masters program at Springfield College School of Social Work. Being a social worker has its sunny and rainy days but holding on to the sunny days is what makes the job worth it.

As the end of my graduate studies was approaching, I had a lot of people asking me about what kind of social worker I wanted to be which triggered a self-evaluation.

Back in April of this year, I was at my church “Crossroads Community Cathedral” in East Hartford, CT when there was a presentation focused on the medical mission to Guatemala. During that time Dr. Fausty Onyirimba talked about the medical mission trip that has been taking place the past 5 years to Esquipulas, Guatemala.  As I sat there listening to the presentation, my eyes teared up and I felt it right then and there that this was something I needed to be a part of. At the end of the service I met the doctor and put my contact information down to be contacted for the initial information session.

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year, lovelies!

How was your Christmas and New Years festivities? Mine was AMAZING! This year I was able to celebrate the holiday season along with my husband and our beautiful daughter. The holidays as a parent is the most beautiful experience ever.

Speaking of Mali, she'll be 7 months in nine short days. I'm amazed at how fast she has grown and how smart she is. I tell ya, this little girl has changed my life for the better. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She is now starting to learn how to crawl! She's getting on all fours and rocks back and forth until she falls down. She moves her hands to music (her way of dancing), and she learned how to say mama and dada this past month, so you can only imagine our excitement.

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