Happy New Year!

by Cynthia Cano, 11:30 AM
Happy New Year, lovelies!

How was your Christmas and New Years festivities? Mine was AMAZING! This year I was able to celebrate the holiday season along with my husband and our beautiful daughter. The holidays as a parent is the most beautiful experience ever.

Speaking of Mali, she'll be 7 months in nine short days. I'm amazed at how fast she has grown and how smart she is. I tell ya, this little girl has changed my life for the better. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She is now starting to learn how to crawl! She's getting on all fours and rocks back and forth until she falls down. She moves her hands to music (her way of dancing), and she learned how to say mama and dada this past month, so you can only imagine our excitement.

I bet everyone thinks this about their own kids, but I have the most beautiful daughter in the world, lol! Anyone agree?

Our little Colt's cheerleader.... Her daddy is a huge Colt's fan!

Now that 2017 is here, I'm excited for the new blessings to come. I'm also excited to see where this blog takes off to. After I had Mali, this June, I kind of took a break from blogging, I felt really disorganized with having to adjust to mother hood. But I'm ready to start off this year as organized as I can be. This year, I have my Kate Spade planner ready to get me through it out.

So get ready for new material!

I've been preparing all month of December for the relaunch of this site. So look out for it.

Cynthia C.

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