Remain faithful and carry on.

Jan 15, 2017

As I read the verses for my "Inscribe the Word" challenge for this year (check it out on Twitter), a specific part caught my attention.

"Think back on those early days when you first learned about Christ. Remember how you remained faithful even though it meant terrible suffering." — Hebrews 10:32

Think back on those early days...

Those words grabbed me whole heartedly. God was speaking . He was speaking to my soul and my spirit, and He placed it in my heart to share this small thought with you.Remember those days when the church was more united than it is now (I speak of churches world wide)? I do. And I miss those days, quite frankly. I remember how churches used to unite in prayer, vigils, and gather in spiritual fellowships to feed our souls and fight our spiritual battles together.

 Unfortunately, you don't see that anymore. And if you do, it's really rare. I know that times have changed and so has the gospel, but God has not changed! He is the same God He was yesterday, and He will continue being the same God tomorrow. So if God hasn't changed, why have we allowed for time to change us?

Because we are stuck.

We are stuck in a time where our outer appearances are more important than our inner spiritual appearance to God. We are stuck in a time where it's ok to act and live our lives like people who don't know God while trying to bring others to know Him. As I read this verse to myself, I thought of my childhood.

My mother used bring me to every morning prayer that was held in church. She brought me with her when the women of the church hit the streets to evangelize in the middle of winter. And she taught me right from wrong based on what the Bible teaches us. You saw that a lot back then. But nowadays, we use our kids and jobs sometimes as an excuse not attend those spiritual gatherings and it's sad, really.

It's sad because the very things that God has gifted to us, we use as excuses to not do God's work. It's sad because although we claim that God is the center of our lives, we have to make sure our house is clean and errands are ran before we can even think about making time to attend church twice a week.

Why are we so indifferent with God? Take a minute to reflect on that question.

Why am I so indifferent with God?....

My hope for this new year is that the Christian people trying to lift up this world, become more united than ever. I want to see spiritual gatherings. I want to see ministries growing. I want to see people maturing. I want to see a change in the world this year. A change in US!

I pray that you are encouraged by this word, and know that I am praying that God lifts you up so you can lift up this generation.

Your friend,
Cynthia Cano

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