My husband retreated this past weekend and I couldn't help but feel a little lonely. I had my daughter with me, but with daddy away, it just felt too quiet. Before bed, I decided to get some reading done. Initially I was going to grab my personal book, 'You Are Free' but instead, something prompted me to grab my daughters children's Bible.

As I started reading, I grabbed Mali and sat her on my lap. Naturally, she started moving around and getting fussy so after a few minutes, I let her crawl around; of course though, my child would find a bag of veggie chips and start eating, but I kept on reading. Mali continued wandering around the room while I was reading when suddenly I felt the Spirit of God tell me to keep doing it because although it may seem like she was not actively listening or paying attention, her spirit was being fed and was receiving the nutrition it needed. That was when I learned that although Mali may not understand or even pay attention for that matter, to what I was reading to her, there was something deeper inside of her that was being fed.

Her spirit.

Recently I read in a Bible reading plan that the spirit and the soul are two complete opposites. According to Holy Emotions - Biblical Responses to Every Day Challenges:
Your spirit is the higher part of your inner person and your soul is your lower.
In other words...
The spirit is the life principle bestowed upon man by God and is the part of you that perceives and grasps eternal things. Your soul is the seat of your personality, your feelings, desires, affections, and adversions - the birthplace of the entire spectrum of human emotions.
What I was about able to understand by what the Spirit was telling me, was that as I nourished my daughters spirit with the Word of God, her soul was evolving into who God wanted her to become. So as I sowed that seed of Scripture in her, it would one day reap and she would be the Women of God that God created her to be. That revelation had such an impact on me because (and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has thought this), I've always thought she's too little to understand anyway.

Today I want to encourage mothers of young children to pick up a kids Bible at your local Christian bookstore and begin reading to your child, even if they just wander around the room doing everything else but listening. I promise you that they will benefit from it when they are older. We have to instill that lifestyle into our children at a young age, so that when they are old enough to think and decide for themselves, they can stay on the right path.

Xo, Cynthia C.

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  1. This is SO good and convicting! My daughter is also one, and it's so easy to sometimes just skip reading to her at night when she is fussy or not actively paying attention. Thank you so much for this encouragement; we will be reading with renewed faith tonight!

  2. I love this and agree completely! I'm realizing it's the Spirit helping them understand even before their little minds can comprehend deeper truths. So good!

  3. This is a great idea, Cynthia! I hope you don't mind if I make a suggestion. The body font here was too faint. Makes reading hard. But then again, it may be my device. You are blessed!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Edith. This is the first time anyone has not been able to read my blog, but I will take it into account and if we have anymore difficulty from other readers, we will darken up the font.

      Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by and read. Blessings!

  4. Yes I agree completely! I got this revelation as well a few months back! Thank you for sharing!

    1. That's great! It's truly an eye opener. That's for reading, Melissa.


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