I'm so excited to announce that Book Club is back!

I've missed sitting down with my girls for a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning to just talk about what we’ve read and how it has encouraged and inspired us. There's honestly nothing better than that.

So we’ve got our book! We've set our dates! And we're ready!

To choose our first book, I had all the girls that joined research some Christian based books they would enjoy reading and then we picked one out of a hat. I prefer choosing our books that way because it gives each person a fair chance of reading what they want to be read.

To choose our meeting dates I pretty much just skimmed through the book to see how many chapters there were. There are 16 chapters. So I divided the meets into three different days. The very first meet will discuss our expectations as well as the prologue and reflection questions. The second meet will discuss chapters 1-8 along with its reflection questions. And the final meet will of course discuss the last 8 chapters with their reflection questions as well. So we’ll meet every 2 weeks for a month until we co plete the book.

I did it this way this time around to be a bit more organized and proactive. I feel as though last time I was bit all over the place with knowing when we were going to meet and it took us like 2 months to complete a book, when we really, if we put in the time and effort we can get it done in a month or less. And that's my goal - to get more reading done and learn and grow more. That's what it's really all about.

I really hope you can join us in this reading journey this year! So if you’d like to keep up with what we are reading, stay tuned in! I'll be posting frequent updates and book reviews and would love to have your interaction. If you end up purchasing the book, please feel free to join our Facebook group. There, I'll be posting some discussion questions for those who don't live so close can still interact with the group of ladies here in Indy!

Have you been part of a book club before?
How did you like it?

XO, Cynthia ❤


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