For today's interview, I had the pleasure of getting to know Heather Margiotta. After looking through Heather's blog a bit, I knew I wanted to feature her in this series.

I was first attracted to Heather's blog when I read her adoption story. I’ve spoken to my husband about one say adopting after we've finished having kids or our own so reading Heather's post on her adoption immediately attracted me to keep on reading. And I'm so glad I did!

Check out how the interview went..
Hey guys! So today we are launching the first of many - our first Blogger Interview of the series. I had so much fun doing this! It's amazing when two people in the same spirit can come together and work together on a project and I've gotta say, I can't wait to work with her again!

Today our interview will be with Tammy Dunlap, the author of the Grandma Mary Martha blog.

Let's dig in!!
I'm excited to share our first #YOURSTORYMATTERS of the year. I have followed Melissa and her blog on social media for quite a while and when I learned about her difficulties in motherhood because of a condition she has, I was sincerely inspired. Being a mom is no joke. It's hard! But being a mom with a health condition has to be even harder (I can only imagine).

Check out Melissa’s story below. I'm telling you, you are going to be blessed!
It's officially 2018. How do you feel about that? I can say that I'm anxious to see what this year brings me and my family.

I had a whole post planned out for you guys about my New Year's resolution (or goals, how I like to call them) but then I started reading posts from my fellow bloggers about a New Year's “Word”. I'll be honest, at first I thought the idea was dumb but then as I sat down to think about it and figured, a word is so much simpler than making a list of a million things you need to accomplish that in reality will not even get done. So I started working on my Pinterest image for this post, and as I did, I felt the Holy Spirit start leading me to the word Happiness.

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