The first book I laid my hands on this year was this amazing book, The Wounded Woman. I read this along with my book club group and it was a true blessing -- To find out how we chose this to read this first, click here. I'm excited to share with you some awesome details about what I experienced while reading this and how it impacted our group during meetings!

If you're looking for a book for healing, this is the book for you. And even if you're not out there actively looking for healing, I still recommend you pick this up and read it.

The Wounded Woman is a book that will confront you face to face with yourself and your deepest, darkest wounds. I know, it sounds crazy for me to say hat it will confront you, but I gotta tell you, I didn't know I was still hurting inside from things that happened months and even years ago until I dug deep! It will teach you to recognize your wounds and trigger points to those wounds, and show you ways to heal, and not only heal, but teach you to learn how to cope with those certain situations that expose your wounds. 

My favorite part?
Chapter 6, hands down! It's all about letting go of anger. This chapter struck me the most because I have struggled a lot in my adult life with holding onto anger and letting it build so much to the point where I explode and eventually regret feeling the way I did. I was really confronted by the Holy Spirit while reading this chapter but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to experience what I experienced.

How did it impact the book club group?

We have never had so much conversation and dialogue in any of our other meetings as we did with the ones we had while reading this book. I noticed it triggered something in each and every one of us - something good of course! 

During our first meet, we talked about wounds we didn't know were still affecting us today. Wounds we held onto since childhood and how they have molded us into the people we are today. Our second meet was more about Triumph after Tragedy (chapter 7) and how we have fixed the mistakes we have made in the past to give ourselves and our children a better future. 

There was so much good conversation that I didn't want it to end. In fact, our first meeting lasted almost 3 hours because of everything we were able to discuss!

Do I recomment this book to you?

YES! Why wouldn't I? So many of us could use this book as means of moving forward in life and letting go and dealing with the things that have hurt us the most. There is no reason why I wouldn't recommend you reading this book, not one little reason.

Today is your day... a fresh season of living has arrived. Coming alongside as faithful friends Dr. Steve Stephens and Pam Vredevelt meet you in the depths of your circumstances and uncover the pathway to healing. They over an opportunity to regain your feet, restart your life, recover your energy, and reclaim your joy.  These real-life testimonies and proven, practical counsel will guide you toward complete recovery and inspire you to press forward in newfound strength-not in spite of your wounds, but because of them
Where can you find the book?

I bought mine used on Amazon for a great price. I always get good deals for books on their site!
Check it out here!

That being said, if you decide to purchase the book, definitely stop back here to let me know how your experience was. I was truly blessed and changed with this book and I hope you can experience the same kind thing, if not better!!

XO, Cynthia ❤

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  1. This sounds like a book I should read!

    1. You definitely should try it. It's really an amazing book!!


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