5 Self-Care Tips for the SAHM

Apr 4, 2018
I recently became a Stay at Home Mom again since baby #2 will be here soon. It's been a bit difficult because I can't get around as easily as I used to, and having a toddler running around all day doesn't really help the cause, lol. But I do enjoy every minute of it. Being at home with my daughter is the best gift I can receive. Watching her grow and learn new things at home is amazing. I will admit though, sometimes this momma needs a break!!! 

I have to give it up to the moms who have 2+ kids and have been doing this for so long. Being a parent is not easy, but being a SAHM...? Whoooo! It's exhausting! It really is a full time job — a full time job the requires momma to take care of herself as well!  

Here's a list of self-care tips/ideas that I created to help you, Superwoman, take care of yourself while trying to manage a whole household every single day. Remember, you do so much for everyone else, you can't forget to take care of yourself first!

1. Candlelight bath
Who doesn't love baths? A nice hot bath, with some candles lit, and slow softly playing music in the background. Perfect way to tune out everything around you and focus on relaxing. I honestly don't do this everyday, but taking time out for a good bubble bath once or twice a week is great way to relax your body and your mind.

2. Nourish your soul
And by that I mean, pick up a good book before bed; maybe even the Bible itself! I'm currently reading Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere and I try to get as much reading in as possible every night. When I don't pick up that book, I'll open up the Bible app on my phone and read a couple verses in a Bible plan I'm currently reading or ask God to direct me to where He wants me to read. Doing this will get your mind feeling at peace which is a perfect way to relax your body and spirit right before bed.

3. Sleep when you can
Everyone knows a SAHM is always on the run around the house. When the kiddos are awake, that means mom gets to run after a toddler in there terrible two stage, feed a newborn infant, make lunch for the screaming toddler, prepare dinner for the working husband, sort out and try to get as much laundry done, etc. It can get hectic. And sometimes you need as much rest as the kiddos get. Don't hesitate to drop everything and get in a little nap time while the kids sleep. It's perfectly normal for you to be totally exhausted by noon time with everything you do.

4. Wake up early
You're probably thinking this contradicts what I just said on number 3. BUT I promise this is a good one. I read an article a couple months ago (I wish I could remember where exactly) that talked about waking up before the kids woke up. Doing this gives you time to make yourself a good breakfast, shower, and get a little a alone time with God. I tried this a couple times and it felt wonderful to be able to actually sit down for a cup of coffee, prayer and a few minutes to study the Bible before my daughter woke up. Believe me, it is hard at times because you're already tired from the previous day, but you'll set the tone for the rest of your day by doing this.

5. Ask for help
Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it! Even Superwoman needs a break sometimes. Try calling your mom or mother in law, or even a close girlfriend to stop by and take over the kids for a bit while you relax for a few. We all need a support team!


What do you do for self care at home? Whether you're a Stay at Home Mom or not, I'd love to hear from you. Maybe I can learn new ways to give myself a little TLC when I need it!

❣️ xo, Cynthia Cano


  1. It's really hard to operate when the well has run dry. Mothers have to take care of themselves in order to care for their families. I hope mothers heed your advice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You nailed it momma!! I'm a new SAHM -- and finding all of these things are key. Recently added to my list to read daily. It's been a VERY good addition!