3 Hidden Benefits of Prayer in a Christian Marriage (Collaboration Post)

Jul 21, 2018
When Tiffany from Hope & Joy in Christ posted about her marriage event this month, I knew I wanted to be apart it. I've shared openly on my blog about the troubles I had in my marriage our fist year and how God restored our relationship two weeks before finalizing our divorce, so of course I wanted to share with you guys some ways to reclaim joy in a christian marriage. It took a devastating process in mine for us to reclaim joy in ours. I've learned many things since the restoration of my marriage, but the main thing that has helped us til this day has been prayer. As a result of having healthy prayer lives, we have been able to see God's grace, mercy and love in our relationship and family, and we have been able to rejoice even in midst of being processed. That's the beauty of prayer! 

To have a happy marriage, you have to be intentional. Everyday wont smell like flowers which is why you have to put in the effort to maintain a healthy relationship. Here I share with you, 3 biblical reasons why you should be praying along with your spouse.

Prayer brings unity into your marriage....

Prayer brings clarity into your marriage....

Prayer brings submission into your marriage....


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