Eleven years ago my life changed forever. My son came screaming into the world. Really, the child came
out crying. All the movies that I had seen up to that point gave the impression that babies had to be
slapped before they cried. But nope, this one came out screaming as if to say, “How dare you disturb

Over the past decade or so I’ve learned a few things about what it means to be a parent. I’ll share five of
them with you:

1. You will have to do the disgusting things. Yes, the nose wiping, butt-cleaning, washing the poop out
of all the things kinda things. Babies are messy. I once had to clean poop off a wall three feet away from
where he lay on the bed. What can I say? It was a projectile. I was lucky to get out of the way in time.

2. You will see all your best traits amplified. You will see all your worst traits intensified. My son reflects
the things that my husband and I do well. He also personifies all of our most negative character traits.

As you parent a miniature version of yourself, you have to do so with grace. He may have your traits but
he is not you. Remember that. Children are unique individuals. They have their own destiny. And that
destiny is not the same as yours.

Will it scare you when they make choices that you would have advised against? Yes.

Especially when it appears as though they are going down a path that you believe leads to failure. But
you learn that just as how God allowed you to make choices, you have to permit them to make theirs

3. You will realize that you have a lot more patience than you realized. And a lot less patience than you
need. They will try your patience. But God does this gracious thing for you: He keeps expanding the
boundaries of your patience. Every time you think you’ve run out… He gives you a little more.

4. A lot of your habits will change. Before my son was born I could sleep through the loudest sound
system playing outside my door – as long as I was asleep before it started. Now, if the tiniest toy falls I’m
instantly awake as my mind tries to figure out what my ears heard.

5. You are going to have to learn to trust God. This starts when you realize that you’re pregnant and
never goes away. During my pregnancy, I heard a few horror stories about women who had to deliver
dead babies. It made me realize that as much technology as we have access to, we still don’t know what
goes on in the womb.

Only God does and that’s why we have to trust Him. We have to learn that He loves our baby even more
than we do. And that He’s the best one to take care of them. This becomes even more true after the
baby is born. We learn that we can’t protect them from everything, especially as they get older and
start to explore the world.

There are a quadrillion other things you experience as a parent. What’s your most memorable thing?


Meet Aminota Coote

Aminata Coote is a wife, mother, author and follower of Jesus Christ. She is passionate about helping
women to run their race. She encourages women to first know God, then know themselves while getting
on with the business of running their race.



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