As I am trying to type this post on my phone (both my tablet and my laptop aren’t working, and I haven’t even come close to finding time to try to get them fixed) I have my phone in one hand and my four month old in the other. She’s getting teeth, so she there is drool dripping into the hand I’m using to hold her. I have a 3 year old son jumping up and down in front of me asking me for a snack even though he has a perfectly good lunch at the table. 

This is how I usually write blog posts, about one sentence at a time throughout the day (okay...week),but by the time I polish it and show it to the world, the audience never knows.

How often do we do this as mothers? We are trying to handle everything and balance everything. Kids, cleaning, jobs, church activities, sports, laundry...the list goes on and on. It’s so unfair too- the minute I get ahead in one category, I fall behind in all the others. No one knows that I’m multitasking like crazy in private, I try to put my life together so the minute I leave the house I seem like I can do it all, and can have it all. 

As Christian Mother’s...can we have it all? 
Can we find the key to having it all and having a balanced life?

I have seen so many pins on Pinterest about “how to have a balanced life”, or “how to have it all”. While they all have amazing intentions, many times I can keep up the tricks for a week or two, and then it feels like I drop a ball in the juggling act of motherhood again and then it all falls apart.

Should I try to aim for the question “How to have a balanced life?”

Let’s face it. As mothers, we have too much on our plate, and we are fighting everything to have a “balanced life”.

Pastor Brad Barbour of Soul Church in Raleigh, NC said that the idea of trying to have a “balanced life” is all wrong. We are not supposed to have a balanced life, but a prioritized life.

Life is not about doing it all. It is about doing it all for Him. 

How to start living a prioritized life:

By making it all about Him. All the big things, all the trivial things, we need to put Him first and then prioritize everything after that. More often than not, if we put Him first, He will actually prioritize the rest for us. It’s amazing the things we are trying to have “all together” may not be God’s plan at all.

If we start our day in prayer, whether it’s an hour at the table Bible journaling or it’s 30 seconds while under the covers in shock that the morning came so quick, by placing Him first, we can handle whatever life throws at us because we know what our priorities are. 

Before, I felt like I was trying to find this work/home balance. I was trying to find a way to “do it all” as a mom and “do it all” at my job. I felt like I was failing at both.

When I made a commitment to give the first minute of each day to God, that minute changed everything. I prayed “this is our temporary life. Please help me to prioritize loving you, and loving my neighbor as myself”.

I found out that the prayer that I was praying was not a two-part thing, it was a three-part thing. This life isn’t about me, it’s about Jesus. However, to prioritize loving Him, then loving my neighbor as myself, I also had to add a third part: I had to love myself. I had to accept that God loved me enough to give me a specific mission in life, and most likely it wasn’t going to go the way I planned. I was going to have to say yes to Him a lot more, and I was going to have to say no a lot more to this balanced life I was trying to have.

Now my life is without balance. It’s messy. I know who I am. I’m not the Pinterest mom. I’m the Pinterest-fail-so-hard mom that it can’t even be shown on #pinterestfail. I’m also a child of a mom that wasn’t a Pinterest mom, but she had a deep knowledge about life and helping people, and that’s what she passed to me. And that’s what I want to pass on to my kids.

I don’t remember any craft my mom had me do, or how it turned out. But I remember her pulling me out of elementary school early one December afternoon because getting the last present for the “Angel Tree” at church was so much more important than whatever I was supposed to learn at school that day. That’s the day I started to accept Christ in my life, even though I wouldn’t be saved until 2017. My mom had a prioritized life, and I am so thankful for that. I still thought she could do everything and could do no wrong.

So can we have it all? 

Yes, just maybe not the way that you’re thinking. If we prioritize correctly, we can have it all because Jesus is all. 

Meet Jessie Synan

Jessie is a busy mom who plays with her kids during the day and works at night, while blogging on the side. Jessie came back to Christianity after walking away years ago, and now helps people focus on their relationship with God as a priority over their religion. She believes that every story matters. You can always email her at, she would love to hear it!



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