The moment I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on all the resources I
could to learn about this incredible gift, responsibility, and privilege of being a mama. While I
know it’s true that simply reading books can never fully prepare you for the momentous life
change of welcoming a new baby into the world, I also know that, depending on your personality
type, this kind of preparation can truly help you feel a little less overwhelmed and a little more
like you know what to expect when your world turns upside down upon seeing that beautiful little
new face!

As I’ve been preparing to welcome our baby girl, I’ve read and listened to my fair share of books
about motherhood. While there are lots of good ones out there (and lots of not-so-good ones,
too!), I wanted to share my personal take on just a handful that have been the most meaningful
to me as I am learning and growing into this new mama role. All of them share the common
thread of being faith-based, which is hugely important to my husband and I as we navigate
parenthood - we believe our baby girl is a gift straight from the Lord, that parenthood is a sacred
role ordained by Him, and that if we want to have any shot of getting it right, we have to start
with His Word and His ways as our foundation. With that being said, here are four faith-filled
reads that have encouraged and educated me in my preparation for becoming a new mom. I
hope they’ll provide you with some helpful encouragement, too!

1) The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson
For gaining a big picture view of God’s beautiful design for motherhood.
This is probably my favorite book on the list - I’m currently reading it for the second time
through. I have loved Sally Clarkson ever since I discovered her book Own Your Life a few
years ago, and now I devour pretty much anything by her that I can get my hands on. If you
don’t know about Sally and her work, she has dedicated her life to two things: the raising of her
children to be strong believers,, and encouraging other moms all over the world that they have
what it takes, in Christ, to do the same. In the Mission of Motherhood, Sally lays out a big
picture, bird’s-eye-view of God’s design for motherhood - kind of like a road map to help us
recognize the key elements of this holy calling that our culture often glosses over or ignores
altogether. This book is a prized resource to me, because it serves as a companion, along with
my Bible, to outline for me the most important things I can do for my kids as a mom: pursuing a
thriving relationship with Christ, and modeling what that looks like to my kids, so they in turn can
know that kind of true, abundant life. It has both practical suggestions and broad, sweeping
ideals, and I love the balance she strikes between the two.

2) Heavenly Minded Mom by Katie Bennett
For building and strengthening your own spiritual foundations as a mom.
I was honored to be part of the launch team for this book when it came out back in April, and it
exceeded my expectations beyond any devotional I have ever read before. I don’t often love or
recommend devotionals to people, simply because they often lack the depth and feel too
surface-level and generic. But this devotional is so grounded in Biblical truth! It doesn’t sugar
coat things, it doesn’t stick to cute, trite examples - and it goes much deeper than getting through the day to day life as a new mom dealing with little ones. It focuses more on your heart
before the Lord and your view of eternity in your life as a whole. Rather than skimming the
surface, it takes you on a deep dive to really examine your heart, your motives, and where you
are in your walk with the Lord, and how that relates to your role as a mom. I love that this book
serves as kind of an anchor to help me not get swept away in the excitement of pregnancy and
motherhood - it reminds me that while this journey is incredible and a holy calling, motherhood
is only one piece of a much bigger complete picture when it comes to our faith, and we must
daily dig in to God’s truth to keep painting that picture with Him.

3) Mom Set Free by Jeannie Cunnion
For getting free from the burden of mom guilt that looms over us all.
The most meaningful thing I took from this book is that we all have a free pass releasing
us from any and all mom guilt, forever! Why? Because if you are a mama whose identity is
founded in Christ, and who believes likewise that your children are created by, belong to, and
made for Christ, then you understand that ultimately, parenting your kids is not a test of how
perfectly you make them behave, how Pinterest-worthy their little outfits and/or birthday parties
are, or whether or not you choose to (insert ANY controversial parenting topic here) with your
kids. Mom Set Free reminded me that my job as a mom is to seek to be faithful to the Lord with
what He’s given me, and to trust Him, knowing that He is the one ultimately in control, not me.
Even before baby girl’s arrival, I have already felt that precious truth taking some of the weight
of expectations off me that I was putting onto myself, thinking of all the right things I “should”
make sure I do for her. The most important thing I can do for her is to trust God, with my life and
hers! He is in charge, and He is good. I’m thankful for how this book reminds me of that.

4) The Baby Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide for Your Journey Through Baby’s First
I happened upon this book at a used bookstore about halfway through my pregnancy, and was
so delighted with my discovery! This handy guide is similar to a lot of “baby’s first year” books, in
that it gives you an overview of what to expect practically in those early days- but I love that it
does it from the perspective of pediatricians and baby experts who also share my faith in Christ
and believe that God should be at the center of your parenting from day one. Having this kind of
practical, real-life information in an easy-to-use resource guide, coupled with faith-based
wisdom and reminders to trust in and seek the Lord for what you need during these crazy
newborn days, has been such a blessing to me. I’ve only perused the book so far and haven’t
read it cover to cover, but I foresee myself referencing it a lot in the coming days as I”m learning
the ins and outs of how to take care of our new baby girl during our first year at home together!

So there you have it! I know there are tons of great resources out there, and any number of
baby books can be helpful in starting out your journey as a Christian mama. I hope these few
favorite picks of mine give you a good starting point for helpful reads to check out as you
navigate your own faith-filled journey as a new mom! Above all, remember that the Lord is
faithful and He will supply you with all you need! You got this, mama!


Meet Traci Street

Traci is a lifestyle blogger who has blogged her way through several life changes - including the transition from her former career as a pediatric speech therapist to a natural beauty store manager and back again - and, most recently, her transition to a full-time SAHM (and currently staying-at-NICU) to her preemie baby girl! These days you can usually find her with a Bible in one hand, and a big cup of coffee in the other (and a baby snuggled in between as often as possible) as she seeks to navigate this new adventure of motherhood while soaking up God's grace. 



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