In my blogging career, I've written primarily devotions on this blog but after becoming a mom, I knew I wanted to share more about motherhood. Little by little, I've been doing so but this time, I wanted to host an event with some of my mommy blogger friends, where they'd be able to write their own posts on motherhood to be featured of this blog. Finally, God gave me the courage and the opportunity to do so and that's what the next 9 days will consist of!

Motherhood is truly a blessing. I am a mother of two little girls and I absolutely love it. But the truth is: it's not always easy. That is why having the guidance of God is very important in this journey! In the next few days, you'll read some great posts from some amazing writers that I have the opportunity to work with this month.

Here's a list of whats to come!

  1. Lauren Smith | Momma From Scratch | How to make God a priority as a busy Mom
  2. Ashley Guntle | Legos & Leftovers | Self-Care for Mommies: Easy ways to make yourself a priority
  3. Cynthia Cano | Amor Vincit Omnia | Reasons why you should read Scripture to your toddler
  4. Aminata Coote | Hebrews 12 Endurance | 5 Experiences you'll have as a Parent
  5. Traci Street | Choosing Better | Faith-filled reads to encourage new Mamas
  6. Brianna Martin | Disciple Mama | 3 Lessons for Mamas from the story of Hannah
  7. Cynthia Cano | Amor Vincit Omnia | Your Influence as a Mother is powerful
  8. Jennifer Keathley | Psalms 34:18 | Prayers for your Children
  9. Jessie Synan | One Lost Coin | Can Christian Mom's have it all?

Are you ready to be blessed? I can't wait. For the next 9 days, I encourage each morning to grab a cup of coffee with us and dig into what these ladies were given from God. 

Be sure to come back tomorrow!



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