I've been praying to God for guidance and confirmation on choosing my word for this new year and it's taken a while for me to finally feel safe with the one that I chose. For many weeks I went back and forth between two words: Consistency & Tunnel Vision. I guess that's actually three words but Tunnel Vision go together, so you get it. But anyway, These are the two words that I battled on and on in my head about over the last few weeks.

My New Year Essentials!

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Hey sister friend!!! How are you? How's life? 
Ugh, I'm so sorry for being MIA from the blog recently. I keep saying that and going MIA but LIFE! I'm 7 months pregnant with our baby boy, Jeremiah, and it's been hectic trying to adjust to mommy life with two kids and being preggers at the same time. It's tough but rewarding for sure.

Can you believe 2020 is a week away?
 I've been working on prepping for it so that I can start off the new year right. If you are part of my private facebook group, then you've probably already noticed some of the changes: ROUTINE!
Yes, routine is one of the ways that I'm prepping. Routine spiritually speaking, and routine when it comes to my home management. So how I am doing that?

It's officially December which means, it's totally okay to speak and do ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS, and I couldn't be any happier. So to celebrate the season, I decided to participate in Blogmas for the first time ever.

Now, I can't say I will be consistent with it (I'm a sahm and nothing is consistent in my life) because I haven't been consistent with my blog in like, forever. But I will try my best!

We are two weeks away from Halloween, and as a Christian, I'm normally dreading this day, trying to figure out a way to get no one knocking on my door. But this year is different. I've done a lot of thinking, praying, and research and decided that instead of hiding away, with the lights off all over the house, I will share the Gospel and be a beacon of light on a day that celebrates darkness.

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I'm not a morning person whatsoever. For real! Just ask my husband, lol. I've been trying to change that because I've seen how much my husband enjoys waking up early and getting things done. That and my mornings tend to be pretty chaotic when I wake up at the same time as the girls.

Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

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If you ask me if I ever thought I would be writing a blog post about fear, my answer to you would be, no. Fear is something that I have lived with for many, many years. Fear of not being good enough, fear of what people would say, fear of not knowing if I was really walking in God's will or not... Fear of writing a blog post about, well, fear because til this day, I still struggle with it. But in my newest venture: Wednesday's with Cyn, fear was the most requested topic for our next live video. I'll be honest, there was something inside of me that wanted to just skip the fear topic and move onto something more simple but I could feel that God wanted me to learn something from this, and not just learn, but He wanted me to overcome as well.
Fear is an interesting topic, because you would think that as easy as we learn it, we would be able to unlearn it, but it's not that easy at all. Yes, fear is a learned emotion. Why do I say that? Because we are not born fearful. Heck, when we are born, we don't even know what fear is, that's why you have to watch your kids with 5 eyes once they start walking. They are brave little creatures until something happens and they get hurt. Once hurt, they then learn what fear is and what they fear for. It is the same with us Christians; when we are born again with Christ Jesus, we are unstoppable. We find ourselves at such a peak time in our lives and we feel as if we can conquer it all, preach to anyone anywhere, and do anything for the kingdom of God that God would require of us. But then there comes a time when we experience hurt; hurt from someone in church, hurt from sinning against God and not being able to get over it, you name it. Once we feel the pain of a not so pleasant experience, we start to fear what's next? 

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7
What I want to target today is how we can overcome fear (bet you could tell by the title of this post). Something important to remember is that the Spirit of God is what is we were left with when Jesus ascended up Home. When that Spirit of God was left with us, we were automatically gifted with the qualities of God. In no way is God a fearful God. I believe that if He was, He would've never created mankind for fear of them sinning against Him. But He did it, so that tells me that He is not fearful at all, but He is a courageous God! And even before Jesus left His Spirit with us, when Adam was created, He was created in God's perfect image. Again, God's image. His inspiration to create us, was Himself. So if He was who inspired the creation of mankind, in no way would He create us with an ounce of fear in our spirits.
"So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27
When fear enters you, remind yourself that, that fear did not come from God. And if it didn't come from God, that you know who it came from. The Bible says that enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10)...

He wants to steal your joy.

He wants to kill your spirit.

And he wants to destroy the plan and purpose of God for your life.

Do you want to overcome your fears and start walking in God's purpose? Here are two antidotes for fear.

1. Prayer.

"Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus." Phillipians 4:6-7
Although prayer can seem like one of the hardest things to do a lot of times, it's actually one of the easiest things to do. The reason why it becomes so hard is because we see it as "chore" and it's nothing of that sort. Prayer is just communication, a simple conversation with God, our Father. He wants to listen to us and to help overcome our anxieties and our fears. He is telling us to stop worrying, and stop be scared because He wants to give us perfect peace in our hearts and minds. But how can we receive that peace when we don't go to Him and ask for it?

2. Shift your focus.

"But when I'm afraid, I will put my trust in You. I praise God for what He has promised. I trust God, so why should I be afraid? What can mere mortals do to me?" Psalms 56:3-4
 I love this verse because David found himself in a moment where he feared for his life, but in that same moment, he realized he needed to shift away from his fear and focus on what God has said and promised. I will put my trust in You. Although scared of what was to come, He trusted God. We need to learn to do the same. Trust God even when it doesn't seem like it will be okay. God's plans for us are never to harm us. So when you are going through a situation that makes you fear what's next, remember to trust in God, focus on God, and listen to His voice. Shift your focus away from your fear, because the longer you focus on your fear, the longer it will take to overcome it and step into your purpose.


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27 things in 27 years

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Happy Birthday to Me!

I am beyond blessed to say that God has granted me the privilege of a 27th year full of love and happiness. It's crazy to think about the fact that I used to dream of turning 15 because that was the "cool age". Then when I turned 15, I dreamed of turning 21. Then at 21 I dreaded the fact that I was 9 years away from turning 30. Now, at 27, I feel blessed to have reached this age and feel excited to be 3 years away from big 3-0. 

In honor of my birthday, and my age, I wanted to share 27 things with you; from blessings, to opportunities, to my bucket list and to the future! God has been good, He has always been good, and I know He will continue to be good and continue blessing me. 

Huge Blessings

  1. I am blessed to have been born. At the time that I was conceived, my mother had trouble getting pregnant, but that never stopped her from praying to God to give her a little. The amazing part is that my mother was not a Christian when said these prayers and God still not only listened to her, but granted her petition.
  2. I am blessed to have moved around just to get to Indiana. Although many people wont see this as a blessing, I do, because if it wasn't for us moving from Connecticut to Florida and then to Indiana, I would have never met my husband or had the kids that I have now. 
  3. I am blessed to have the husband that I have. We've had so many ups and downs but the good times have and continue to outweigh the bad moments that we have had. I am so thankful to have the husband that I have who loves, serves and protects me each and every day.
  4. I am blessed to be a mother. For so long, I worried whether or not God would grant me the opportunity to be a mom and one day He did. Motherhood is something so special to me, even when my kids make me want to rip all of my hair off (lol), I still appreciate it so much.
  5. I am blessed to have two sets of parents. I don't like to say that I grew in a "broken home" like many people would consider because my home was never broken. God knew that I needed two dads and two mothers and I'm so grateful for that because the ones that He gave me are beyond amazing. Each parent has been there to love and support me all the way!
  6. I am blessed to be a SAHM. Spending time with my babies and watching them grow each and every day is true blessing. The time spent together is incomparable.
  7. I am blessed to have released some people from my past and welcome new ones. The end of 2018 was a really tough time for me and my family. It was a season where God pressed us immensely to remove us from one environment and place us in another one. Even though it was one of the toughest things I had to go through in a long time, it turned out to be a huge blessing.
  8. I am blessed to know Jesus. I know that probably sounds corny to some people,but its the utmost truth. If it was not for knowing Jesus and accepting Him as my one and only Savior, I would probably be on the road to destruction.
  9. I am blessed to be a homeowner. Owning a home is such a big accomplishment. My husband and I were able to work hard to get here right after God restored our marriage and now we are raising our beautiful daughters in a house they can call home for a long time.
  10. I am blessed to have been able to reach a 27th year of life. Not many young people make it this far in life and I am grateful to God that I have. But most of all, I'm thankful that I've made it this far with Him in my life. Growing up in a Christian home is by the far the best thing that could've happened but that it was shaped me into who I am today.

Amazing Opportunities

  1. What an amazing opportunity to dance in worship to the Lord. Doing danza or praise dance, has been such a great experience and opportunity because I never thought I would do it. I've always loved to do pantomimes but when I stepped into the world of praise dance, I experienced something completely out of this world.
  2. What an amazing opportunity to branch out in ministry. You know, I've been blogging for many years, but it wasn't until late 2018-2019 that I started to branch out and actually form this ministry. This year I released my prayer cards and added a great friend to the prayer team.
  3. What an amazing opportunity to have been able to leave my job and become a SAHM. This was something I wished for since I had my oldest and God finally granted me with being able to do. He blessed my husband at work to the point where we are now living a comfortable life even with just one income.
  4. What an amazing opportunity to be able to give short teachings/reflections at church. Though these teachings are short, they have given me the opportunity to open up a little more and work on my timidness. I am so thankful for our Pastors and for them giving us the opportunity to be able to contribute in this way. I know this is only the beginning, but its definitely prepping us for whats next!

Bucket List

  1. I would like to travel to a few places I have never been to before. 
  2. I would like to join a mommy group outside of FB or even create one. As a SAHM I think it would be great to meet other SAHM in the neighborhood.
  3. I would like to step out of my comfort zone and start a YouTube channel.

What I look forward to in the upcoming year

  1. I look forward to growing and maturing within myself spiritually and mentally.
  2. I look forward to seeing my ministry grow into what God has already designed it to be.
  3. I look forward to working together with my husband in ministry. My blogging ministry is one thing, but I know when O and I begin our ministry together, it will be powerful!
  4. I look forward to getting closer with God and learning to depend on Him more and more each day.
  5. I look forward to homeschooling my girls until they are old enough for Kindergarten.
  6. I look forward to going back to school this Fall.
  7. I look forward to enjoying this 27th year with my family and close friends. Each year brings new memories and I can't wait to make them and capture all those good moments.
  8. I look forward to travelling more this year. 
  9. I look forward to being part of the growth in the church that we are currently in. It's been amazing being part of small beginnings like this.
  10. I look forward to what God is going to do with this blog.


One more thing before you go! In honor of this special day, I wanted to gift you with a free 7 day devotional. I opted out of doing a monthly scripture plan this month and wanted to go a little deeper within this specific topic because I know that if I have struggled with it, others have too.

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We always talk about how you can be a great SAH mom, but what being a great SAH wife? Being a  wife is much more than just being married and having kids with the man you love. It's deeper than that. There is so much responsibility that goes into it. And because of that, today I want to share with you, three biblical ways you can be a God-given companion to your man.

Be his helper

The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make him a helper suitable for him." - Genesis 2:18
 Wives, we were created to be helpers to our husbands, not to criticize  how much or little they work. Our responsibility as their helpers is to make things easier for them, not harder, and definitely not more stressful. Some men are the only providers for their household and some men get help with having working wives. And that's great, but today we're focusing on how a SAH wife can be a help to her man. Here are some ways you can help him be more productive for work.

  • Prep his lunch the night before
  • Have dinner ready to serve when he gets home
  • Wash all of his work uniforms Sunday nights (or the day before his work week begins)
  • Maintain a clean and decluttered home
Let's make something clear before we continue on with this blog post: I am by no means saying that because you are a SAH wife/mom that you need to become your husbands maid. That's not what I mean at all. But when you look at it from a biblical point of view, this is what we were created to do. A helper takes some of the load off of the worker to give them space to do more of the harder work. And that's what we should be doing. Not making them feel extra stress at the end of the day, by having to wash their own clothes, figure out what they're gonna eat for dinner, prep their own lunches for the next day, etc. By helping our men in this manner, this helps them get some good rest, helps them relieve work stress, and helps them have a better and more productive morning (I know from first-hand experience).

Be his comforter

Isaac brought her into the tent of his mother, Sarah, and he married Rebekah. So she became his wife, and he loved her; and Isaac was comforted after his mothers death. - Genesis 24:67
 I bet you're thinking: "how can I comfort him if he doesn't even tell me whats wrong?".  Great point... but! You have to understand that a lot of men are not in tune with their emotions as much as women are, and they don't know how to express what they feel. I have a question I want you to meditate on.

How kind and patient are you with your man? (read 1 Corinthians 13:4) 

I ask you this because sometimes we can be a little harsh on them when they open up just tad for being too vulnerable. Ladies!! Make him feel safe! Make him feel like he can open up to you without you judging whether he cries or not, without you criticizing what he's upset about. He just needs to know that he is in a safe place with you where he can go to you (besides God) to seek comfort. If he doesn't get that from you, he will shut you out, and we want to avoid that. Communication is very important in your marriage, in every marriage. But it's all about providing a safe environment to the other person.

Be his encourager

She brings him good, not harm, all the days of his life. - Proverbs 21:12
When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness. - Proverbs 31: 26
 Did you read and re-read it? You should. I had to. Her words are wise. That means the the Proverbs 31 woman, seeks wisdom before opening her mouth. I think a mistake that every woman does, myself included, is that we are too quick to respond and not all the time, is that response the correct one. Men go through things just as we do. And just as we want to hear a word of encouragement, they need to hear too. Something to remember is that our tongues hold a lot of power them and we don't want to declare the wrong thing over our husbands.
The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. - Proverbs 18:21
It's extremely important that we cover our husbands in daily prayer while they are out working and when they come home, that we have nothing but blessed words to tell them. I can't tell you how many times, because of lack of prayer, I wasn't able to encourage my husband the way that he needed, and because of that, we had bigger problems. Today, I've learned and understood the power of praying over my husband, and praying for wisdom so that every word that comes out of my mouth and is directed to my husband, produces nothing but life.


Sis, I'm praying this has ministered to you as much as it did to me. I want nothing more for you than to have a healthy and God-centered marriage. Continue doing what you're doing and then do more. No extra effort is wasted effort. Comment below if this was for you and be sure to pin it to your marriage folder using the image below and share it with your friends.

Being a Stay-at-home mom is a dream to a lot of mothers, and for some, it's the most scariest thing in the world. Stepping out of your comfort zone (having two incomes, stable finances, and showing off your boss lady status), to step into a new season, such as the life of a SAHM is nothing easy or smooth to transition into. I know because I was that mom. I was the mom who worked 9-6 Monday through Friday, rushed home to cook dinner, bathe the kids every night, and despite all the chaos of being a working mom, never had to question our finances because both my husband and I combined had an annual income of about $70,000. We were living the life, sort of.
Oh man! I don't know where to begin with this post. I'm filled with so much emotion and excitement at the same that it's literally just trying to explode out of me. This last Sunday, yesterday, the presence of God was so tangible in our church service; it pretty much always is, but for me, I was able to experience being submerged in His presence to the point where it was just Him and I, no one else around. I kept telling Him that I surrendered my heart and my mind to Him, which to be quite honest, I've struggled a lot with in the past.

Surrendering my heart and my mind? That's hard! I'm human. How can I give Him total control of what's in my mind and what's in my heart? It's crazy to me. But that's what my heart kept shouting out to Him. Right after that, I could see the words that He was telling me, as clear as day in my mind (I had to grab my phone and type out the words so that I would never forget). He told me this.
I cannot take you to the secret place you want to be in unless you surrender your mind, your heart, and your spirit to ME. I need total and complete surrenderance. 

Why did He specify that I needed to surrender everything to HIM?

Because sometimes, in life, we get so caught up in the moment, so caught up in our trouble and sorrows, that we end up surrendering to other people instead of to God. How does that happen? It happens when you allow your mind to continue thinking and trying to process things that you will never be able to really process and understand.

I wanted to share this with you today and tell you that if you want to go into that Secret Place, where it's you and God, you need to surrender to Him. Don't question it anymore. Just surrender. Stop overthinking your situation, surrender your thoughts to God and see how He will give you total peace of mind. Stop going back to what hurt you and reliving it over and over again. Surrender that hurt to God and watch Him heal your pain and give you a heart of steal, that never stops beating, no matter what it goes through. Surrender your spirit and allow Him to enter and be the source of everything that flows through your veins.

God wants to do something big in each and every one of us. But He cannot work in us, until we put up the white flag and give up trying for ourselves. It is only through Him that we have the victory in this lifetime.

I want to encourage you with these Bible verses. As you read, write down the one that speaks out to you the most and recite it every day this week with authority and know that God is with you and He is for you. He will NEVER leave you.


"Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up." - James 4:10
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." - Matthew 11:28
"He says, "Be still, and know that I am God..." - Psalm 46:10
"Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God - this is your true and proper worship." - Romans 12:1 


If you find yourself needing prayer today, know that you are not alone, I am here to help you pray. Comment below OR email at canoministries@gmail.com

Hey guys! It's definitely been a while since I wrote a new blog post - but for good reason! If you're following me on social media, then you know I've been working a little extra behind the scenes. I've been focusing my time specifically on emails and of course, my Facebook group. Why you ask? Because I wanted to reach my audience on a more personal level than just a blog post here and there. I realized that not only did I have a good amount of frequent readers, but I also had people reading my blog that I had no idea were following this ministry. So, I decided to take a month to seek guidance from God on what new material I can bring you and also, connect a little bit more with you guys.

She doesn't need a "perfect"mom.

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I'm sure I can't be the only other mother out there who swore to the death of me, that I could be the perfect mother. I had so many dreams about how I would be a SAHM, teach my daughter everything I could at home before she started preschool at the age THREE, who woke up at 6AM, every single morning, made her a big breakfast, limited her TV time to one hour a day, have her potty trained before she turned TWO, and have a perfectly mannered child.

A Love Letter from God: Let Go of the Past

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My Child!

Give up! Give up! Give up those hurts of the past. It's time to move on. Satan loves to have you live in the past because that renders you ineffective to live in the present - in the now.

Tell Me, child. What is it that has happened to you? Who hurt you? What hurt you?? What mistakes have you made that you regret? Did what happened to you change the fact that Jesus loves you, and He died on the cross for you so you could live in heaven with Him for all eternity?

Can anything or anyone ever change that fact? You know that nothing can ever nullify what Jesus did for you on the cross. If that's true, and it is, then nothing else matters, does it?

There is nothing that can happen to you, nothing anyone can do to you that can ever change the fact that My Son, Jesus, loves you and died on the cross for you so you can gain heaven for all eternity. No one can ever take that away from you. No one!

Hold on to that thought. Put things in their proper perspective. When you do that, you'll see that being loved unconditionally, attaining salvation and the right to go to heaven is your ultimate goal. Everything else pales in comparison to that.

Even physical death cannot take heaven away from you, for then the real - your spirit- just  changes abodes. Physical death for the Christian is moving form living in the temple of the Holy Spirit, your body, to living in heaven.

I know, My child, I know. Your mind is often filled with hurtful things that have happened to you. Sometimes you even say to people, "You don't know how much it hurt me when such and such happened," and "It was so hard when this or that happened." Well,  ask you again, does what happened to you in the past change the fact that Jesus loves you and died for you, and now you can spend eternity with Him in heaven? I don't have to wait for your answer, because I know that immediately your mind said, "No!"

Then, child, nothing else matters! Compared to eternity, all problems are nothing. Loving Me, being in My family, gaining the right to live in heaven for all eternity - that's what's important in life. If you lose that, you've lost it all. Nothing you can gain on earth can make up for that loss, and nothing can happen to you on earth that can take that way from you - Nothing!

Love, God

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Sunshine Blogger Award

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I was recently nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Brianna Martin, founder of the Disciple Mama blog. I am so thankful for this award because even though I have been on a blogging break, I am still being recognized for my pasts efforts and my future efforts. It is truly a blessing being part of such a beautiful community of Christian Bloggers who support and empower each other.

Brianna chose 11 questions for me and I'm super excited to answer them! Check them out.


     1. What is it about blogging that makes you keep at it, even on the tough days?
I have struggled with keeping up with blogging so much because with two little kiddos, it gets overwhelming sometimes. But what keeps me going is knowing that there are people that are reading my blogs, that need to hear what I'm writing to help them in their faith walk. Nothing we go through is in vain.We don't go through situations for us, but for others and knowing that, makes me push to keep writing.

     2. How do you find the time to blog, in addition to everything else you have going on?
Thank God for my iPhone. This is literally how I get most of my posts done. I'm always running so I barely get time to sit down and type anything out so I work on my blogs on my breaks at work, or sometimes even from my desk whenever I free time. I usually take late nights on the weekends to wrap a post on my laptop.

     3. Outside of your blog, what's your favorite way to share your faith?
I would have to say by serving. Something God has placed in our hearts is truly the ministry of servanthood. We enjoy volunteering and help people in need as best as we can, when we can. 

     4. What's one creative thing that you do that you don't usually write about?
I write poetry!! I haven't written a new piece in a long time so I'm rusty but poetry has always been a passion of mine besides blogging.

     5. What is the best book you've read in the past year or two?
LIONESS ARISING. Hands down! I read this book with my book club in the beginning of 2018 and it was just so powerful.

     6. 5 years ago, where did you think you'd end up? Is it very different than where you are now?
5 years ago I hoped I was married and had kids. And today, I am married and have two beautiful girls. So I'd say, I'm exactly where I wanted to be in life.

     7. If you had 3 weeks and free travel, where would you go and why?
Paris. Honduras. El Salvador. Puerto Rico. 

Paris is a dream for me, so there is no doubt that's where I would go first. My husbands family is from Honduras and El Salvador and my family is from Puerto Rico, so I would love to take my girls to those 3 places so they can know their roots.

     8. What Bible character can you most closely relate to? What have you learned about yourself from him/her?
This is a great question. I have to say I can mostly relate to Job because even at his lowest moment, when everything was taken away from him, he never stopped blessing the name of the Lord. Job taught me that no matter what I go through in life, I should always continue to praise God for what He is doing.

     9. Who is your biggest supporter? What do you want to tell him/her?
Definitely, hands down, without a doubt, my husband!!! I would like to tell my Hubby that I appreciate him always pushing me to be the best that I can be!

     10. What is your favorite way to spend quality time with your family?
Hanging out at home, watching movies, and just playing around. Those moments are the ones I tend to appreciate the most. Especially when I see the kiddos big smiles. It brightens up my world.

     11. What's that one food that's not hard to make at home, but you still prefer to eat it in a restaurant?
Shrimp alfredo!!


So! I have chose 11 Christian bloggers to nominate for the Sunshine Blogger award. They are:

(These are not listed in any specific order)

  1. Dionna Sanchez | Beauty in the Storm | beautyinthestorm.com
  2. Traci Rhoades | Traces of Faith | tracesoffaith.com
  3. Lo Tanner | Mrs. Lo Tanner | lotanner.com
  4. Whit Devereaux | Whit Devereaux | whitdeveraux.com
  5. Josephine | Diverse Lines | stonesofdiverselines.com
  6. Elaine Stores | This Grateful Mama | thisgratefulmama.com
  7.  Dana B | Lifted Woman | liftedwoman.blog
  8. Crystal Shea | Jesus And Coffee | jesusandcoffee.com
  9. Sarah Brumley | Lemon Blessings | lemonblessings.com
  10. Netta Marie Woods | Modern Hadassah | modernhadassah.wordpress.com
  11. Jessie | One Lost Coin | onelostcoin.com

Okay! So, I definitely would love to get to know each of you better, but I would also, absolutely love, for my readers to get to know you are as well. Here are my questions to you!

  1. Where are you from?
  2. Besides blogging, what do you like to do to on your spare time?
  3. What was your favorite Bible story as child? What is it now?
  4. When and why did you get started on blogging?
  5. What's been your best experience with blogging so far?
  6. What is your niche and how did you come about that?
  7. How long have you been serving Christ for?
  8. If you could turn back time, whats one thing you would change or do better?
  9. How do you prepare for a blog post?
  10. What are some of your favorite books?
  11. Share one word of advice for new bloggers.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions that were presented to you by your nominator
  3. Nominate 11 Bloggers
  4. Ask 11 questions. (These questions have to be different from the ones you answered)
  5. List the rules
  6. Display the Sunshine Blogger logo in your post or on your blog site

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Who doesn’t love to Netflix and Chill? I absolutely love it - when I get the time. With two little ones, hubby and I barely get time to watch what we want on television or Netflix for that matter. Literally, our two year is obsessed with Coco and The Grinch. And of course, two year olds rule the world, so she gets to watch whatever she wants when she wants. KIDDING! 

The last time I netflixed and chilled was back in October. It was a Saturday morning and we decided to drop  everything and just stay home. My daughter had dance class that morning and we played hookie. We skipped laundry, dishes and cooking dinner (thank God for Door Dash) and we literally binge watched the the whole first season of Switched at Birth. Honesty, it was the best weekend I have had in such a long time. We hung out with the girls, laid a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor and just relaxed! If you haven’t tried a weekend like that, I highly encourage you to hurry up and take one!! It’s so good for the soul. No, really! It is! 

Here’s a list of the top 4 shows I have enjoyed binge watching and still am currently watching! They are in no type of order! Can you guess which ones were picked by me and which ones my husband picked out? Come on! Take a good guess!! 

Switched at Birth
This show has me absolutely obsessed! It’s about two teeanage girls who find out they were at witches at birth and their parents aren’t really their parents. After that their whole lives are changed! I really like this show because it has a variety of characters. It was Hispanic character, deaf characters, and even characters who are portrayed in the show as a lesser class. It’s so diverse but even in its diversity, somehow, everything and everyone fits! 

If you like TV dramas then this is definitely the show for you! This is the first show I binge watched since maybe 2 or 3 years ago and it literally had me losing sleep! It’s about a mega church lead by Bishop Greanleaf and his family, the sins that go on in the church, and the family drama they experience. I liked this show because in some ways, it’s a lot like things that actually happen within the church walls that not everyone knows about. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying and think that I applaud sin in the church. I don’t. But do I like this TV drama? I do. It’s definitely a show that will keep you on top of your toes!

My husband is a huge comedy person! When he first found this show and asked me to watch it with him, I said yes just to make him happy, (true story). I wasn’t really feeling, even though I do like comedy but I hadn’t seen Marlon do anything on TV for a while. I honesty thought it was going to be dumb. But it’s a really good show! We laughed a lot watching this. The show is about Marlon and his ex-wife co-parenting their kids and just living life. We found it very interesting that some of the references that were made in the shows script were actual current events.

Life Unexpected
This was first shows I actually binge watched! It's about a 15 year girl who is in foster care all her life and one day decides she wants to get emancipated. But in order to do that, her biological parents needed to sign the papers for her. So she went on a search for her biological parents and to her surprise, her mother was the radio host she listened to every morning and her father was a a regular single guy. Now that she meets her biological parents, her whole world changes! 

What shows are you binge watching? Please share down in the comments!

I woke up Wednesday morning, got ready for work, got the girls ready and then sat down for a cup of coffee and some devotional time. As I read my Bible plan, I couldn’t help but mediate on the fact that I felt like I had lost my identity in Christ. I was reading the Bible everyday, I recited a short prayer here and there but I had no motivation or passion for what I was doing anymore.

For the last few months I have question God and even found myself in shouting matches with him when I was home alone, no kids and no husband. I would yell at Him and question why He put me through what I went through. I would stomp, shout, cry, and stomp some more. No one knew what I was going through. No one even knew of this until now, because I’m sharing this with you. And I will probably receive some backlash for this, but when the Holy Spirit speaks something to your soul, don’t hold back because of fear of what others will say. 

Before I decided to write this, I found myself questioning how I lost my identity because of what I went through. Not that what I went through caused me to lose it. No. I allowed for my circumstance to dictate who I was in Christ. 

Building Character in Your Child

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Before becoming a mom, I wasn't sure that I would be such a great mother. I had no idea what I would actually teach my child or how. I was scared because I wanted to be a good example to my kids of the perfect christian and I wasn't sure that I fit that description.

I choose to Declutter!

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Oh gosh, I feel as though just yesterday we entered 2018 with a bang, and here we are, just hours into 2019. Happy New Year, my friend! If you have been following me on social media, you know that I took a break from blogging - I actually posted about it a few months ago (check it out here). I needed some time to regroup and relaunch because I didn't feel like my blog was going the route that I wanted it to go. I was blogging, yes, but I was sort of just trying to keep up with some of the blogs I follow on different blogging groups. My heart wasn't in anymore. So I decided to stop for while so that I could encounter God and experience His guidance in this ministry.

Last year, my focus was Happiness. How did that go, you ask?

The first 8 months went great. I really did focus on being happy no matter what. I definitely went through some things but I always remained positive and reminded myself that my circumstance did not determine my happiness - I determined it. But the last four months really took a toll on me. I experienced change. And we all know that change is often times hard to deal with and accept. It took about 2 months for me to accept the changes occurring in my life. I was angry. I let my circumstances take out the worst in me, until one day, I had an encounter with God. In that moment of that encounter, the people around me prayed for healing over me, they prayed for a new mind and a new heart. And today, I can honestly say that God was the midst of those changes and I'm thankful, because I know He is taking me to new levels and I'm ready for what He has for me and my family.

D E C L U T T E R .

Google defines declutter as the removal of unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place. I won't be decluttering anything materially, but I am determined to declutter and remove everything that does not belong in my heart, in my mind, and in my life. Sometimes we are so wrapped up on the things that are going on around us and we are so overwhelmed with keeping up with the people we are close , and we tend to push God to the side. It happens to all of us. But I want to bounce back from that this year.

In 2019, I will be focusing on decluttering and getting closer to God because my life doesn't depend on being surrounded by a bunch of people, no. My life depends solely on God. He is the giver of my life and my salvation and I don't want to lose either because I put my focus on something or someone that could not give me what He could give me.

Do you have a word for 2019? Share your word with me down in the comments, and let me know why you chose to focus on that word this year!

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