A Love Letter from God: Let Go of the Past

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My Child!

Give up! Give up! Give up those hurts of the past. It's time to move on. Satan loves to have you live in the past because that renders you ineffective to live in the present - in the now.

Tell Me, child. What is it that has happened to you? Who hurt you? What hurt you?? What mistakes have you made that you regret? Did what happened to you change the fact that Jesus loves you, and He died on the cross for you so you could live in heaven with Him for all eternity?

Can anything or anyone ever change that fact? You know that nothing can ever nullify what Jesus did for you on the cross. If that's true, and it is, then nothing else matters, does it?

There is nothing that can happen to you, nothing anyone can do to you that can ever change the fact that My Son, Jesus, loves you and died on the cross for you so you can gain heaven for all eternity. No one can ever take that away from you. No one!

Hold on to that thought. Put things in their proper perspective. When you do that, you'll see that being loved unconditionally, attaining salvation and the right to go to heaven is your ultimate goal. Everything else pales in comparison to that.

Even physical death cannot take heaven away from you, for then the real - your spirit- just  changes abodes. Physical death for the Christian is moving form living in the temple of the Holy Spirit, your body, to living in heaven.

I know, My child, I know. Your mind is often filled with hurtful things that have happened to you. Sometimes you even say to people, "You don't know how much it hurt me when such and such happened," and "It was so hard when this or that happened." Well,  ask you again, does what happened to you in the past change the fact that Jesus loves you and died for you, and now you can spend eternity with Him in heaven? I don't have to wait for your answer, because I know that immediately your mind said, "No!"

Then, child, nothing else matters! Compared to eternity, all problems are nothing. Loving Me, being in My family, gaining the right to live in heaven for all eternity - that's what's important in life. If you lose that, you've lost it all. Nothing you can gain on earth can make up for that loss, and nothing can happen to you on earth that can take that way from you - Nothing!

Love, God

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  1. Great perspective! And love it written from God's point of view.


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