She doesn't need a "perfect"mom.

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I'm sure I can't be the only other mother out there who swore to the death of me, that I could be the perfect mother. I had so many dreams about how I would be a SAHM, teach my daughter everything I could at home before she started preschool at the age THREE, who woke up at 6AM, every single morning, made her a big breakfast, limited her TV time to one hour a day, have her potty trained before she turned TWO, and have a perfectly mannered child.

Who was I lying to????

Lol. Seriously.

I am now a mother of two beautiful little girls who God has blessed me with tremendously, and I realize, there is no such thing as the perfect mother.

I'm sorry burst anyone's bubble who still swears that exists.

We have to be realistic. We can try to be this mother with no flaws, no failures, and have the perfect kid but the only thing perfect in this world is GOD. These children are a gift to us that we have try to raise in the best way possible. There will mistakes made along the way, but who cares?

Stop being so hard on yourself, if you don't get your kid potty trained by two. My daughter is going on three in June and she still wont use the potty!! Can it get overwhelming those days she's in underwear all day and still refuses to on her little toilet? Of course. Do I beat myself up or get mad at her because she doesn't do it? No! Why should I? She's learning at her own pace, and I am there to support and help her learn when she is ready.

I am not saying that having your kid potty trained at two is bad, nor am I saying that you can't be a SAHM that wakes up early and makes breakfast every morning. What I am saying, is that if you don't do those things, there is nothing wrong with that. Our kids don't need to do the most! They need us to be there.

To laugh when they do silly things.

To pick them up and hug them when they fall.

To build blocks with them when they're bored.

To let your daughter play with your makeup and make a huge mess and then you have to clean it up yourself (lol , literally happened to me a few weeks ago).

These are the things are children want from us. To be present in their life. They won't remember all the perfect little things you did for them. But they will remember, all the precious time you spent with them and actually enjoyed it.

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